Bianchi su SanPa: Vocational training is fundamental to the idea that work is dignity

“I really enjoyed the experience San Patrignanowho, however, are already gathering a specific number of young people who have gone through a specific spectrum of personal drama and I have also seen how it has evolved SanPa: fundamental do war de vocational training“. An experience shared by SanPa, which according to Patrizio Bianchi” returns the idea of ​​civic education, which Work is dignity. But I saw that – he explains – that it works all the better the more these communities are rooted in the territorythe minors must be in a community context and the community must be rooted in a territory. “In short, sometimes very structured communities are needed. Minister of Education Patrizio Bianchi and the Chamber for on the question of Communities that welcome minors. A quote questioning the work of Vincenzo Muccioli, founding father of the community, is also a controversial figure.

The issue of minors entrusts communities

“The founding values ​​of our intervention? We affirm the centrality of the public school system to ensure not only education, but also the ability to actively participate in the life of the community.”


“An issue that is linked to boys and girls, to boys and girls who have suffered under the custody of justice – the Minister emphasized – to the risks they risk their lives. The school wants and must not replace the family or society. The school is the school, it is the basic principle that everyone, no less, must be part of a community, and the school is the first community in which everyone is built.

The phenomenon of liability

The latest analysis, which came to us from the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy, indicated that 27,608 minors were placed outside the family, not by unaccompanied foreign minors. About half of them were in care, 14 thousand in the housing service for minors. So if we talk about Trust we have different situations: issues that find a family and issues that find a community but do not replace the family ”.

The teacher is the one who recognizes discomfort by looking a student in the eye

When is the presence of a teacher essential? “If we notice that one of these children or young people is ill: that’s the teacher’s job, what makes the school special. That’s why my battle for school and presence, because children have to look them in the eye to see if they’re sick, that’s the teacher’s job. “

“When we talk about Care of minors We are talking about minors who need to be listened to compulsorily, which means not responding to requests without taking responsibility, but having a structure that, when the malaise is reported, can respond: therefore we must invest in schools, and Teachers, and managers “.

“When a boy or a girl is recognized, they are recognized special educational needs then a personalized curriculum, and at the same time a relationship with the public safety authorities and a relationship with the court must be activated in order to guarantee further well-being for this child. But the school has to pay special attention to these cases “.

School failure

Regarding early school leaving, the Minister quoted the data: “In the European average of 10% of early school leaving, our country is at 14%, but in the urban suburbs of the South, dispersion continues to increase. The presence of the school and the local authorities in these cases is essential. But school should not become clinical – he warns – school is school. When health interventions are to be done, the protagonists must be on different topics, without passing one figure on to the other.

Concerning home schools, the Minister stated: “I take the liberty to say: school is first and foremost community, school is fundamental to guarantee children a path of inclusion and introduction. The school is a community gym “.

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