Bianchi: “School must make it possible to build communities by synthesizing autonomy”

Bianchi: “School must make it possible to build communities by synthesizing autonomies” | Anci Lombardia


June 23, 2022

Speech during “Mission Italy”

“We need to pay more attention to schools, without subtracting the resources that have been allocated. The number of classes must be reduced to increase their quality. The school must be understood not only as learning, but also as a tool for building a community, to make a synthesis between the many components of the Republic of Autonomy, so that everyone can define their own path by reconstituting the national framework ” This was stated by Education Minister Patrizio Bianchi on the second day of the convention organized by Anci to take stock of the implementation in Italy of the Next Generation EU Plan.
According to Bianchi, it is necessary to “start again from the school drop-out index, on average in Italy slightly higher than the European level but with regions like Campania, Calabria, Sicily, Sardinia with a very high drop-out index, which affects some urban suburbs. “. A phenomenon exacerbated by the pandemic, which in a different way that affected in terms of power and that in terms of weakness, angered the fragility,” he continued. According to the Minister, the school of the future must be ‘loving’, because we must rebuild it from the most serious sign of the pandemic, ie isolation.
Bianchi recalled that “we are in a phase of structural training in the country. If we are not able to intervene in the training capabilities, the gap will increase between those who are able to dominate the new technologies and those who are not.
For Bianchi, it will be necessary to reduce “early school exchanges” in order to improve “teacher education” and make room for reforms, starting with those “on technical and vocational schooling and leadership”.
The minister also spoke on the subject of denatality: “It is not a sentence or something that comes at once. It is a trend that can be reversed with development actions that support our families more, who have a clear attitude towards hospitality. “.

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