Bianchi is in the process of “discovering” the recruitment plan: annual competitions and training are the key points. The uncertainty remains precarious

Here we are. On Tuesday, April 12, the unions were summoned by Education Minister Patrizio Bianchi for a meeting on the new recruitment.

It has long been expected that the system for new permanent teachers will be one of the main topics of school policy in the coming years.

Do Recruitment reform envisaged by the NRPat the moment there are some clear points but these are general indications: “The strengthening of the training offer presupposes an improvement of the skills of the teaching staff in the service, from its recruitment. The reform of the teacher recruitment system redesigns the competitive procedures for redeployment of teachers and roles, in an innovative way strengthening the training and test years, through a more efficient integration between disciplinary and laboratory Training.with professional experience. and educational institutions. A reform, which introduced a system of continuous training in the service, completed the process of strengthening skills. This, together with a better planning of the need for teachers, will make it possible to tackle chronic territorial abuse“.

This is what we read in the official Pnrr document about the reform, which also underlines how “the current system of teacher recruitment requires a revision, to cover with regularity and stability the vacancies that are available with permanent teachers. The aim of this measure is to bring about a significant improvement in the quality of our country’s education system, which can not be achieved by increasing the professionalism of school staff. The regulatory process will be launched in 2021 and completed in 2022“.

We recall that the PNRR foresees that there will be a reform of the recruitment system that will lead to the placement and role of 70,000 teachers by 2024 to 2024, if approved.

The timeline


Recruitment of 70,000 teachers using a new method.

Education and research“: Allocated in total 31.9 Billion Euros (30.9 billion from the RRF apparatus and 1 from the fund) with the aim of strengthening the education system, digital and technical-scientific skills, research and technology transfer.


Surveillance [PDF]

Also annual competitions and initial training (and then continue in service), seem to be the cornerstone of the plan envisaged by Patrizio Bianchi.

What competitions does Bianchi have in mind?

The occasion of the meeting on 12 April will also be valid for the last statements of the Minister, leading to a great debate on the subject of competitions, in particular the Secondary Ordinary Concoursat the heart of the controversy over the structure and type of questions posed by the candidates.

As far as we know, you are ordinary Lycée Concours (like the ones forChildhood and primary school) have already been banned 2020 with a different structure: two written tests and one oral. There was also one Preselective Test “In the case where the number of candidates is more than four times the number of available places and in any case not less than 250,” said the old call of 2020.

Then the change in the structure of the evidence in the supporting decree to or from Decree Law n.73 of 2021, which presents the computer-based written test with closed answers before an oral test. A model that follows Way to facilitate public competitions requested by the Minister of Public Administration Renato Brunetta.

Structure, which are named for in the interior of the Recruitment reform implemented under the NRP: In fact, in the report on the interventions on the NRP, which the government prepared at the end of 2021, it was explicitly stated that a first part of the recruitment reform is contained in Article 59 of Legislative Decree n.73 of 2021.

Another passage to remember that led to the “quizzes” and contests for teachers the Decree govern the new rules of ordinary competitions, signed byPatrizio Bianchi on November 9, 2021.

But now, recently, Bianchi has unveiled the new model of contests: “It’s a contest we’ve inherited from the past, with a method of organizing even the tests that have proven to be insufficient “,” we then go to annual contests“Patrizio Bianchi said about the competition tests, underlining that”this was the last step of a previous story – he adds the competition, which has provoked much controversy, is defined by the unions as a kind of lottery – that has shown all limits, there is no doubt“.

From this picture, then, the question that everyone is asking is: What will the next competitions be like? Answer, which at this point the unions expect to receive on Tuesday 12 April.

What solution for the precarious?

Just as they wait to understand what a solution for the precarious is identified. The central themes pursued by political forces and trade unions are permitting and stabilizing.

In the first case, the league’s senator’s proposal would be ready, Mario Pittoni, to reactivate the PAS. After the Northern League game, in fact, “first and foremost, the training courses enabling teachers (PASs) need to be reactivated and structured so as not to waste the wealth of experience of hundreds of thousands of teachers who have been jailed for substitution in the rankings for substitutes. of the administration for too many years “, announced that he had delivered the bill to Minister Bianchi.

Then there is thinking about the stabilization of historical alternatives, using the formula of double channel of recruitment at the head of the preferences of some majority political forces (Lega, Forza Italia and Pd) and practically the whole union.

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