between single control and ANF what is due

For domestic workers with families with dependent children under 18 years of age and with dependent children under 21 years of age, who have certain conditions, from 1 March 2022, the right to the general public and the general public for dependent children. All others are entitled to family allowances (ANF) in the presence of the conditions laid down in the legislation. Let’s see how housekeepers, housekeepers, caregivers, babysitters need to orientate themselves in order to submit the application.

DEN Domestic workerincluding Housekeepers, Nursing staffBabysitters, have the right tosingle and universal allowance for dependent children or opAllowance for family unit (ANF). Until 28 February 2022, the benefits of the ANF Family Allowance, from 1 March 2022 for families with minor children or with dependent children under 21 years of age, who meet certain conditions, are entitled to the allowance d ‘Universal allowance for minors.

Finding your way between the two services is not difficult. Let’s see how the legislation works.

Domestic workers: who has the right to the community and the general public

The first thing to know is this from 1 March 2022 onwards is in effect the only and universal allowance for dependent children and this service, provided directly by the INPS, is exclusive to the family units belonging to the beneficiaries, in accordance with Article 2 of the Legislative Decree of 21 December 2021, n. 230, which is the standard that established the so-called single check.

Redundancy fund: Single check or ANF with direct payment

According to the law, the only and universal allowance for dependent children is recognized Family units for each dependent minor child and, for newborns, it begins from the seventh month of pregnancy.

It is also recognized for all dependent child of age, up to on the realization of the 21 years oldfor which it returns one of the following conditions:

1) you are attending a school or vocational training course, or a graduation course;

2) do an internship or a job and have a total income of less than 8,000 euros per year;

3) is registered as unemployed and is looking for work in the public employment services;

4) makes the Universal Civil Service;

c) for any dependent child with a disability, without age limits.

For this, Demand Houseworkwho have in their family unit either a tax-dependent minor child or an adult child under 21, who reflects any of the above conditions, must apply for the sole and universal allowance and are not entitled to the family unit allowance for the Periods after March 1, 2022.

Some important explanations need to be made.

When it comes down to it dependent children, understood from a tax point of view. Family members receiving one Entire annual incomeGross of deductible expenses, not more than € 2,840.51, raising the limit for children under 24 to € 4,000.

Another clarification concerns the possibility of requesting the allowance for a child under 21 years of age.

The young person must attend a course or do work or internship, or must have the Declaration of Immediate Availability (DID), or must make the service universal. If the child has a disability, the individual allowance must always be requested.

Who is entitled to the family unit allowance (ANF)

Households of domestic workers who have no children and / or adults may be entitled to the family unit allowance, even for the period from 1 March 2022 onwards, in the presence of the needs.

In particular, they will continue to have Entitlement to family allowance Family units:

  • consists solely of the spouseswith the exclusion of the legal and effectively separated spouse;
  • from brothers, sisters and grandchildrenunder the age of eighteen or without age limits, if they find themselves, due to disability or physical or mental defect, in the absolute and permanent inability to devote themselves to a profitable job, in case they are orphans of both parents and not entitled to received a survivor’s pension.

So for the launch periods from 1 March 2022 (inclusive)can be presented by domestic workers ANF ​​applications exclusively for families without children.

Before March 1, 2022Date of entry into force of the single and general allowance, the only benefit due to, in the presence of requirements, is the Allowance for the Family Unit (ANF).

D’INPS Circular no. 34 of 28 February 2022 states that for the works in the January 2022 and February 2022 Applications for families with children may be made in accordance with the provisions of Legislative Decree no. 69/1988, within the limit of the provided five year prescription.

For domestic workers theANF ​​is provided by INPS with direct payment to the extent of as many daily checks as there are by dividing the number of hours by four corresponding to the total contribution paid in the specific management in the district in favor of the worker.

With reference to Application for the year 2022the ANF amount is not calculated on the quarterly contribution, as required by law, but on the basis of the results for the just the first two months of 2022 and regarding the payment of the required contribution.

Family allowance regulations for domestic workers

Let’s take a look now as legislation changes for the allocation for the family unit, which is directed to domestic workers and managed domestic workers.

The first thing to know is that it is a performance Income support for the families of Italian, EU and non-EU domestic workers working in Italy.

The service is due to the condition that the family unit consists of more people and that the income falls below the limits of the law from year to year.

The Allowance for the family unit ginn, according to Art. 3 of the Decree-Law n. 69/1988, to families consisting of:

  • the applicant for the family unit allowance;
  • the spouse / party to a civil union that is not legally and effectively separated or dissolved by a civil union;
  • the brothers, sisters and grandchildren of the applicant, minors or adults who are incapable of profitable work if both parents are orphaned and are not entitled to a survivor’s pension.

Then until February 28, 2022 by the following family members:

  • Children or equivalent under the age of 18 (requirements until February 28, 2022, in which participation is eligible for the single and universal allowance for dependent children);
  • Children and equivalent, students aged between 18 and 21, if the family unit consists of more than three children or equivalent children under the age of 26;
  • Children and equivalent adults who are not able to work profitably.

From 1 March 2022 onwardswhere the children described above are present in the family unit, the family unit may be entitled to the only and universal allowance for dependent children, no longer the right to apply for the allocation for the family unit.

As for non-Italian citizens but EU or non-EU citizens, the rules are always the same.

DEN Community workers they are entitled to the ANF for family members residing in Italy or abroad.

DEN Non-EU workers (except those with seasonal employment contracts) are entitled to the ANF:

  • only for you Family members living in Italyin the event that the country of origin of the foreign worker did not enter into an agreement with Italy on family treatment;
  • also for you Family members living abroadin the event that the country of origin of the foreign worker entered into an agreement with Italy on family treatment;
  • also for you Family members living abroadin the case where the foreign worker, even if his country has no agreement with Italy, has his legal residence in Italy and is insured in the social security systems of at least two Member States.

Foreign workers political refugeesas a consequence of the compensation to Italian citizens, they are entitled to the ANF also for family members living abroad.

The amount of the ANF paid by INPS is calculated on the basis of the Contribution from housework, to the Typologyto the Number of The component an ai Arrive of Family.

DEN Stot Income are the subject to personal income taxGross tax returns, deductible expenses and withholding tax.

And in Income is exempt from tax or subject to withholding tax or replacement tax (if more than 1,032.91 Euros in total).

ech Income produced in calendar year pwithdraw from 1 July each year and are valid until June 30 of the following year.

Therefore, if the application for allowance for the family unit concerns periods included in the first semesteror from January to June, ie Declare income are achieved two years earlier.

If the periods are included in the sweat Semester, from July to December, the declarations of income are those received in thelast year.

In the case of an application for earlier periods, an application must be sent Application for each year.

The ANF ​​Retreat due to be paid within five years, after the five-year limitation period.

Do Application for the allowance for the ANF family unitboth for periods before 28 February 2022, and for services from 1 March 2022, must be delivered to INPS:

  • through the dedicated online service;
  • via the contact center at 803 164 (free from landlines) or 06 164 164 from mobile networks;
  • by employers’ bodies and intermediaries of the Institute, by the telematic services offered by them.

The ordinary term for the implementation of the measures is provided by Law no. 241/1990 an 30 days. In some cases, the law may lay down different conditions.

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