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SAN BENEDETTO – Tuesday, July 12th“Buscemi” Hotel Institute of San Benedetto del Tronto has opened its doors to local institutions, businesses and associations. Opportunity offered by focus group / event “Between innovation and training needs: New paths with territory“.

The teacher greeted the many participants Manuela Germani and the teachers of the planning group of the new study paths. Opening op prof. Ercole Capriotti he illustrated the program of the meeting. Afterwards, Director Germani introduced the discussion, recalling the key objectives achieved by the Buscemi Institute over the years in the training and vocational training of operators in the food and wine sector and in tourist hospitality.

The manager then emphasizes the importance of the new “Ospitalia” food and wine tourism address that integrates the hospitality sector with the contribution of specific skills in food and wine and the culture of the territory.

In the introduction, the topics of the focus group were highlighted: school / territory integration, the growth and choice of young people, internships, the role and image of the school, the fight against early school leaving, the reaction to training and vocational training. Needs of the area also in the perspective of an economic and cultural relaunch.

Space was then set aside for the interventions of the guests. The budget adviser of the municipality of San Benedetto del Tronto, Domenico Pellei highlights the participation of the city government in European projects for the digital and technological development of tourism. He intervened Fausto Calabresi as Provincial President of the Confcommercio and Regional Delegate of the Chamber of Commerce. According to Calabresi, it is important to integrate urban development projects with regional policy in relation to vocational and technical education.

During his speech, Massimo Rossi, Spokesman for the Piceno Marine Park Association, on the other hand, underscores the historic need to intervene in a resolute manner to protect the marine ecosystem of the Piceno coast. Fir de prof. Gilberto Mosconi of the University of Camerino, head of the graduate course in nutritional biology in San Benedetto del Tronto, recalls the long and fruitful relationship with the “Buscemi” hospitality.

In his speech, Mosconi mentioned how many students and graduates of his university started directly from the banks of Buscemi. Pietro Colonnella, President of Smart Piceno, he then illustrates the unexpressed potential of the territory: the presence of two national parks, the landscape and the economic centrality of the hilly area and the coast that are not limited to sea tourism. Nicola Mozzoni, president of the San Benedetto Hoteliers Association, described the prospects for local development, particularly with regard to experiential tourism.

Ugo Pazzi The speech of Slow Food, on the other hand, underlined the centrality of Buscemi to build an important balance between the sustainability of activities in the region and companies in the food and wine / tourism sector, but also between science and food culture. The discussion was also enriched by the brief speeches and greetings of Giorgio Fiori, Consul of the Masters of Work by Ascoli Piceno and Fermo, Filippo Colonnella, Federica Crescenti, President of the Institute, Francesco Maroni of Pertur Viaggi and Barbara Zambuchini in representation of COGEPA and small craft fisheries.

In conclusion, before welcoming the participants, Director Germani stated that the focus group is the first of a series of meetings that further explore these issues with the perspective of concrete actions for the employment opportunities of young people, the To improve economy. Integration between local authorities and schools.

Thanks to all those involved in the project, the local actors who made this event possible. To check out the event, you can join our YouTube channel at the following link or join our institutional site

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