Belluno 2022 – Vignato proposes Confartigianato – Bellunopress “Table of Economic Category”

Giuseppe Vignato, candidate for mayor of Belluno

“Crafts are one of the elements that are capable of bringing a city to life and guaranteeing the principles and services. Therefore, it must be put in conditions, such as trade and other economic activities, to work with peace and profit. Giuseppe Vignato said this when he met President Claudia Scarzanella on her board of directors in the Confartigianato Belluno seat.

During the meeting, Vignato gathered the applications of the trade association, which prepared a list of ideas and stimuli from services to safety, from community taxes to traffic, through tourism, culture and transportation. “Confartigianato rightly invites the next administration to involve the economic categories, in a logic of paying attention to dialogue, which is particularly important in a difficult period,” says Giuseppe Vignato. “Crafts, as well as other economic activities, represent a significant added value in the life of an urban center and its villages, and should be encouraged. If shops and craft workshops are a service and at the same time a garrison, they can, on the one hand, help to revive the historic center and increase the attractiveness of new families; on the other hand, they can facilitate the permanence of services and services. For this reason, urban regeneration must be accompanied by a real social recovery, in which economic categories can and want to contribute ”.

At the Confartigianato, Vignato illustrated the idea of ​​bringing the “consultation table with the economic categories” to life, “including taxes and bureaucracy, the basic needs of operators, but also sharing voters on tourism promotions and traffic”, underlined he is the candidate for mayor. “Issues such as the redevelopment of car parks – with more booths for commercial and artisanal operators working in hard-to-reach areas such as the city center – such as the organized and distributed organization of events to bring the city to life and encourage it. Consistency induced – with the promotion of local agricultural, food and wine and artisanal products – and like the road system, they are fundamental and require a dialogue towards standing ”.

Exactly in terms of viability, Giuseppe Vignato has collected some charms from the craftsmen. “The request is to decongest the traffic via Vittorio Veneto and via Tiziano Vecellio. It is one of the issues we have introduced in the program, because that area represents one of the gates of the city.”

The meeting also touched on other topics, starting with the development of tourism, with the participation of the citizens and the promotion of the cultural and architectural heritage. “The relief we have been given by Confartigianato is that it may lack a little pride,” said Giuseppe Vignato. “The beauty and peculiarities of Belluno, even for making the Belluno citizens themselves known, can lead to a renewed spirit of disability. When citizens fall in love with their city, they are the first to promote it.”

Finally, the importance of school education in the assembly was emphasized, in order to stimulate the interest of the young people in tackling the trades that have been suffering from severe shortages for some time.


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