‘Bellinzona on the right path for innovation: I will support it’

«Where there is vision and will, there is also a way… And with the right means, everything is possible. Come to Bellinzona! In my opinion, this is the right way to go ». The task of addressing the people of Bellinzona on the occasion of the Feast of the Fatherland was entrusted this year. Beatrice Fažana: Director of Sandro Vanini Sa in Rivera, she has a degree in food science from the Zurich Polytechnic and a rich professional experience in various food industries; he is also vice-president of the Supsi and member of the council of the Swiss Federal Polytechnics. And for the second year in a row she is in the ranking of the Swiss magazine ‘Women in Business’ among the hundred most influential women in Switzerland in the category ‘Industry and Trade’, where there are only three from Ticino. Last but not least, she is mentioned in the book “101 successful women in Ticino”.

“Ticino at the top of the European comparison”

Addressing a packed Piazza del Sole after the first welcome of the mayor Mario Branda, Beatrice Fasana emphasized the theme of innovation on which the canton and the city of Bellinzona are pushing. Innovation that “when it creates value in companies, it also creates well-being and induces activities for the country”. The 2021 edition of the European Innovation Scoreboard, a statistic published by the European Commission, declared Switzerland the most innovative country in Europe. Switzerland behind Zurich, ranked fifth among the most innovative regions in Europe. Ticino is therefore at the top on a European level ». And Bellinzona? “Your city in the field of innovation is taking more and more shape and shows the concrete desire to play a propulsive role by building the foundations for the technological hub of the future in Ticino around the life sciences from two milestones like Irb and Iosi » . According to Beatrice Fasana, it would be a “visionary and long-term project which, in my opinion, must be supported with cantonal as well as municipal resources.” As for me, in the areas where I am active, I try to bring all the attention here, but also beyond the Alps ».

“First Class Training System”

Therefore, his desire “to live and represent with more awareness the values ​​that are written in the federal constitution. Values ​​that we ‘inherited’ from those who worked hard before us and fought to get them. This allows us a To be a country that, even if it is small, stands out in the world innovation ranking and allows everyone access to quality education. A country whose well-being, thanks in particular to all those volatile small and medium-sized enterprises and their jobs, is truly enviable”. Precisely in the field of training Beatrice Fasana emphasized that in Switzerland “we have a first-class training system. And since nothing is given away, countless roads and highways open up for those who are committed and invest energy in their training, to realize their work dream, either starting from an apprenticeship or opting for the academic path”. In this context, he noted that “any deserving Swiss student who pays an annual tuition fee of 1,600 francs, just over 4 francs a day, can access the Polytechnic University of Zurich, the eighth best university in the world, while in several American universities he would pay more than 50,000 dollars annually. In the United States and in many other countries, not the deserving, but those with the greatest financial resources access to the best schools.

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