“Be receptive”, Federalberghi Garda Veneto Initiatives for the education of young people in the tourism sector

The formal commitment of the category for the expansion of young people along the way and in the company role was expressed, along with the real availability for internship training.

The launch of the new Federalberghi Garda Veneto campaign and of the collaboration projects with the schools took place with the press conference held on Friday 18 February, which was held at the IPSAR. Luigi Carnacina Vun Bardolino.

“Be Receptive”, Federalberghi Garda Veneto Initiatives

Here was presented the container of initiatives, called “SII RICETTIVO”, which expresses the formal commitment of the category to the expansion of young people along the way and in the corporate role, along with the real availability for training internships.
Currently the co-protagonists of the project are: Federalberghi Garda Veneto, IPSAR Luigi Carnacina of BardolinoITS Academy of Tourism Veneto and Sacra Famiglia Schools of Castelletto di Brenzone.

IPSAR Luigi Carnacina of Bardolino
The President of the Federalberghi Garda Veneto Ivan De Beni the category formally called upon to undertake to train young people in the company through a letter of intent that summed up the desire to restart with confidence and with a far-sighted view of their company and the sector itself.
Here is an extract from the communication sent to the employees:

“Dear members,
the last two years have been full of change and characterized by great uncertainty about the future. However, we are preparing to leave with confidence, aware of the difficulties that each ascent will bring.
One of the first obstacles to face is the exodus of staff from the hospitality sector and other sectors, with the consequent difficulty in finding workers even though we are in a particularly long season. In order to respond to these needs, we must primarily feel involved as a category, with a different and more far-reaching perspective than in the past.
It is essential to focus on targeted and timely training and qualification courses and, more generally, to make a more long-term commitment that reflects not only on the quality of staff employed, but also on their loyalty, so that the trained resources remain in the sector.
Pointing out the youngsters and networking with the hotel schools in the area is one of the possible solutions. With the IPSAR “L. Carnacina”, consultation and connection methods are already in place to improve the education of young people in relation to the current needs of the world of work.
In this regard, we would like to send a list of companies that are willing to cooperate by offering training courses for third, fourth and fifth graders, continuing with the commitment to the relationship, in accordance with the national collective agreement for tourism.
The Carnacina Institute, for its part, guarantees the necessary organizational support for the initiative through its teaching staff, in collaboration with the company and through constant exchange of information with the association “.

President Ivan De Beni he declared:

The letter of intent represents the natural continuation of the Memorandum of Understanding, signed in 2020 with IPSAR ‘Luigi Carnacina’, a strategic agreement aimed at strengthening the school training offer plan with the professional needs and requirements of tourism and to ban. Sector recipient “.

The subscriptions collected through the letter of intent are forwarded by the Federalberghi Secretariat to the Carcina Institute, which are responsible for creating a list of companies interested in signing up for this training engagement and involving students directly.

“I believe that an operational synergy between training and business is fundamental if we want to bring young people closer to companies and the world of work – continues De Beni – as it is necessary for young people to know the territory and to improve as this is the basis of recovery and hence the future of the whole Garda sector ».

The head of IPSAR Carnacina reiterates President De Beni Eugenio Campara:

“In a very difficult time for the Garda tourism sector, I believe it is important to continue the collaboration with local companies and in particular with Federalberghi Garda Veneto. In this way, we want to give a sign of hope and mutual commitment to prepare together. relaunch the sector and give children the opportunity to plan their future concretely ”.

ITS Academy of Tourism Veneto
The ITS Academy Turismo Veneto – a school of excellence with a high postgraduate technological specialization, which allows the title of senior technician – participates in this training project especially in the 2022 internships of students of the ITS Turismo Veneto Foundation, proof of continuous synergy between territory and companies. There are two advanced training courses available in the Verona region: the Valeggio sul Mincio Restaurant Business Management course, centered on the goal of making the catering sector more attractive by providing experiences through territorial food and wine offerings and tourism hospitality concentrate. Management of Bardolino, which aims to train highly specialized figures who are able to support company management through specific skills related to hospitality and its modern concept.

“The tourism market requires more and more professionalism and expertise, especially after this phase of the deep crisis. Now the markets are reopening and it is time to reflect on how to rebuild confidence in the tourism sector – he says. Enrica Scopel, Director of ITS. “The structure of needs, the priority system, the decision-making processes have changed and all these factors must find a safe haven both in a tourist offer that takes these aspects into account, as well as in a training offer that is able to create these professional qualities” .

Holy Family Schools
The Sacred Family Schools of Castelletto di Brenzone also participate in the “Be Receptive” training pact. The institute considered the initiative for future internship / school work alternation projects in the tourism sector to be extremely important (especially for the economic and administrative sector), but also for the networking with institutions and trade associations and others. Educational institutions in the area.
The conference was accompanied by a fifth class from its Technical Institute for Tourism led by Professor of Economic Tourism Tourism Prof. Raffaele Games.

The video interviews of “Be Receptive”
During the meeting, one of the promotional videos created by the campaign, which were uploaded to the association’s social channels (especially in the new YouTube Container on Domain). The video contributions were designed as short pills of direct freshness that can convey the passion and satisfaction that can be given to the commitment in the sector.

To complete the group of realities that participated, the Young Hoteliers Committee of Federalberghi Garda Veneto, which presented its activities in the schools of the territory and which plays a fundamental role in the transmission of passion for this sector.

“We must not see the Federalberghi Garda Veneto project as a container of human resources capable of solving the problem of the search for staff,” said Mirko Lorenzini, president of the Hoteliers’ Association of Torri del Benaco and member of the examination committee of the IPSAR Carnacina at the ITS Academy – but as an enhancement of the ethics of our work. their courses SII RICETTIVO is a project aimed at young people – further Lorenzini – internships in the companies of the association could be defined as “enhanced internships” that help our young people achieve their goals and grow professionally.
The companies sign the commitment to hire at the end of the internship for the whole tourist season and beyond for the fifth graders the students from the 3rd and 4th and 5th grades, from the higher education institutions involved in the project , which showed. Interest and motivation..
The internship, in this project, will be active and engaging and on the side of the structures it will be committed to transfer knowledge and professionalism: a constructive practice with career prospects in the tourism sector. “For several years now, there has been a synergy between the tourist training institutes and the companies of the association, but this is the first time that this has been formalized and it is the first time that the hotelier has also put an employment contract on the table.”

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