Baseball champions blind on the field with the blind

You know dinner in the dark? The ones in which they sit you in a room completely without light and serve you blind waiters at the table, teaching you to taste the dishes without seeing them? It is the same experience that the boys and girls of the Milan ’46’s baseball and softball teams will live tomorrow, playing blindfolded against their blind opponents. Impossible challenge? Yes, for physical athletes it will be very difficult because of course moving, running, hitting and using clubs and balls without seeing them is a very complicated experience. But the players from Milan wanted to give it a try because they want to live for a day with their blind colleagues, who for years have been playing a regular championship of this complicated sport, which is often difficult for the general public to understand.

Tomorrow at Kennedy stands this completely new challenge, in which sighted athletes are included in the two blind Milanese baseball teams, thus opening the season on the field not far from San Siro. And it will be a special event, as it will serve the two city teams from this discipline to launch an ambitious project at the Paralympics (Lampi and Thunder’s Five) and Milan Baseball 1946 (the oldest club in this sport in Italy), which involves the construction of the first exclusive field for blind baseball in Europe, as well as the first regular softball field (baseball for women) in the city. The project, which also had the support of the Deputy Secretary for Sport Valentina Vezzali, provides for the reconversion of an unused field in the school and across Fratelli Zoia, adjacent to the Kennedy, with the creation of a double “diamond”.

Both for the blind and for the rossoblù softball a big leap in quality, but above all the new field will also serve to decongest the old Kennedy which is no longer enough as Milan became the team with the most members in Italy. “In order to carry out this ambitious project, the President of Milan Alessandro Selmi explains – we already have funding, but there is still a lot to do. We have a dream: to give our neighborhood and our city a space dedicated to social inclusion, women’s sports and, more generally, the relaunch of schooling and basic sports education. Provide school during the lessons and use them for competitive activities in the following times.The project includes a major investment for which we also open various fundraisers: individuals, associations, foundations, tenders.Tomorrow from 14 to Kennedy we explain everything ‘. On Sunday, however, the official season of Milan kicks off with the classic Gigi Cameroni Trophy, which Rossoblu will play against Settimo Torinese sets.

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