Barletta NEWS24 | Regional school calendar and ranking of the RIPARTI measure

“Yesterday, the Regional Council of Puglia, on my recommendation, adopted two interventions, which touch on two absolute priorities in my government work. whose second synergy is now a fixed point for this administration.The second measure concerns the scrolling of the RIPARTI Ranking, an extraordinary measure with which we try to build a bridge between local firms, research institutes and universities, hundreds of applied research fellowships in Service of Puglia to set.

Today, thanks to a new injection of resources, we continue to expand the public to take advantage of this measure, which on the one hand allows many researchers to train at work, gain experience in the field, and on the other hand respond to needs. of innovation of local businesses. The regional commitment of the regional administration continues to support its university and research system, intended as a driving force for the development of Puglia “, comments the Regional Council for the Right to Study, Schools and Universities.

The regional calendar for the school year 2022/2023 has therefore been approved by the Regional Council. The start date of the courses is fixed for the next 14th of September until the 10th of June 2023, except for the nursery school which closes the courses on the 30th of June 2023. only on the start date of the lessons), subject to a motivated resolution by the collegiate bodies of the institution, approved in accordance with the annual number of hours and communicate them to the families, local authorities and the Regional School Office, Territorial Provincial area of ​​belonging. Adaptations can be arranged for needs derived or linked from the three-year plan of the education offer – PTOF, and for specifics of the educational institution, which are determined by certain regulatory provisions.

In addition to the school calendar, the Regional Council, on the recommendation of the Councilor for the Right to Study, School and University, approved the scrolling of the final rankings of “ALLOCATION: Research Grants to share with companies”, which counts regional measures. at Apulian universities and public research bodies for the funding of applied research scholarships. Thanks to a new increase in resources, it will be possible to open further research projects that are eligible for funding, among these candidates.

The measure, launched by the Regional Department of Education and Training and Synergy with ARTI last November, relaunches the crucial role that research on innovation and the development front of Puglia’s socio-economic and industrial fabric plays. The aim is to stimulate the subjects working in different capacities in Puglia in the field of research (university and EPR) to overcome the limits of their individual trajectories, to favor the inclusion in the regional production system of senior professionals , who are able to respond to needs. of innovation expressed by the territory.

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