Bari, the Cooking in Freedom project sponsored by Divella al Redentore ends

Thirty lessons in four months, during which the students connected Italian cuisine through theoretical and practical lessons, but above all gained an experience of social and human relations. An invitation to continue your commitment and to continue your studies through school training at the hotel. It concludes with satisfaction “Cooking … and freedom” from the agreement between the Oratorio Redentore of Bari and F. Divella SpA, with the patronage of the municipality of Bari.

On Tuesday 10th May at 5pm the closing ceremony of the course will take place in the Redeemer of the Salesians in Bari with the presentation of the certificates of participation to the children who took part in the initiative. A project aimed at middle school students in the Libertà district, which concretely tackles the phenomenon of youth dispersal in a difficult neighborhood like Libertà.

“Cooking … in freedom” was an initiative born, so with targeted goals: to create a permanent format to provide a hotel address for young people and to build a social innovation project in a neighborhood in danger that needs more and more attraction, Enthusiasm and creativity. Upon delivery of the certificates, the Councilor for Public Education of the Municipality of Bari Paola Romano, Dr. Domenico Divella of F. Divella To deliver them, the Corporate Head of F. Divella SpA Donato Carra, who in recent months has tried, with tremendous results, to build a dialogue with the boys that has gone far beyond the formative aspect. Many of them have expressed great enthusiasm for the future of this profession.

“The commitment of these guys – explains Domenico Divella – was commendable and I also congratulate our corporate chef Donato Carra for the professionalism with which he made this journey. Thanks to him, the boys discovered the professional side of Italian cuisine. , through a pleasant culinary experience, nurtured their creativity and above all experimented with teamwork: these fundamental attitudes in life.A virtuous path in a difficult context like the Libertà Quartier, which certainly leaves a positive mark in their lives.

Enthusiastic about the initiative coming to an end Fr Giuseppe Russo, Director of the Oratory of the Salesian Redeemer Institute in Bari. “Cooking and Freedom – explains Fr Giuseppe – was a wonderful experience of collaboration between one of the most important Apulian companies such as Divella, a very important institution for education in Bari as the Redentor and dozens of families in the Libertà district … and in At the heart of this project was the discovery of children’s talents and the recovery of taste not only from food but also from being together. Divella and Redeemer served the young and families of Libertà. To Divella and Chef D’Carra goes all our gratitude and appreciation, combined with the beautiful friendship that has been created in recent months. Finally, the counselor thinks for the education of the municipality of Bari, Paola Romano already to the future. “Now we deliver the certificates to the students who take this course with enthusiasm and attention participated. Even after the first courses, we saw their change: everything concentrated, precise, in the cooking activities. I think it was a great experience that allowed them to be together and learn from an authoritarian professional like Chef Carra. I thank the Redeemer and Divella for this initiative, which we want to propose to other students as soon as possible. “

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