Bari, “Against the crisis we need a pact for metropolitan work”

BARI – “If in Bari twice the number of neets compared to Milan and three times compared to Veneto, when our young people are forced to leave to find a job, like their great-grandparents, it means that the systems that they are school, education and access to the labor market, they have failed “. This is what Giuseppe Boccuzzi, Secretary General of the CISL Bari, says and continues the debate that continues through a reflection published in the Gazzetta a few days ago on the young people who are still being forced.

A youth emergency that has not yet been resolved, why?

“Because we are dealing with a situation that has become gangrenous in the absence of answers. Young people are not the only ones who have difficulties, I am thinking of women over 50 who are losing their jobs. Solving the problem of the youth condition would already be a big step forward.Today we have a frightening, record-breaking situation of chronic inactivity of young people of which we can not be very proud. Poggiorsini, where 70-80% of boys do not work.This inactivity either leads to them having to leave, or deviates from an economy that is always thriving in mafia families, or from grandparents and parents up to 50 years and older stay ».

What can be done to try to fix the problem?

“We must aim for a serious orientation from the middle school onwards. A virtual mechanism must be put in place that prevents early school exchanges and at the same time builds young people ready for the labor market. But for that to happen, the three systems must: of supply and demand move synchronously. But what does not happen because the unitary government lacks the system. These three worlds do not communicate with each other and do not plan the appropriate actions. The result is a dropout rate that today stands at 15%, which , if and when he finds a job, accepting a bad form of work that is the other side of the coin inactivity.What is necessary is that the ruling political class put these systems together and not leave everything to the good will of an individual , who may be a school director or an employee of a work center.

Is there an entrepreneurial responsibility in all of this?

“Our entrepreneurial fabric consists overwhelmingly of small companies with a maximum of ten employees. The interface of these companies is young people with generic qualifications, which contributes to the low availability along with many others. This gives the entrepreneur great power that allows him to take internships , Apprenticeships, part-time jobs instead of full-time jobs. And to do it for long periods of uncertainty. Poor forms of work that also involve graduates and those with technical skills. These choices also contribute to a guy who then decides to leave. ‘The size of the company often does not include recruitment and related in-house training. The examples of academies conducted today are possible in large companies, but not in small ones. Therefore, it is the lack of adequate vocational training that affects the whole system. To this we add that in the last 15 years, over the proclamations, Bari has not really the arrival of saw new companies that could provide answers ”.

But even small and medium-sized businesses are complaining about not finding staff, a contradiction of many unemployed.

“According to the latest surveys in the metropolitan area, there are 9,500 jobs ready, but at least 30% of them would need specific job figures who are not there and can’t be found. In an area where there are 50,000 unemployed, it seems like a contradiction, but in reality it is the result of a systematic government that does not exist. Orientation and training courses need to be built that create profiles that can be used in the job market. In addition, the role of the social partners and the trade unions in this cycle must not be forgotten. It is important that the trade union is involved in the establishment of a new company, in economic planning. We can guarantee that contracts are honored as part of startup programs. We need a metropolitan area pact that knows how to facilitate entrepreneurial settlements and governments, orientation and education. Otherwise, we will continue to condemn other generations for emigrating.

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