Bari, a student refused at the age of 7. The TAR: “The school should re-evaluate the decision, it could be a traumatic event”

noonJuly 28, 2022 – 7:01 p.m

The judges welcome the appeal of the parents: the girl suffers from asthma and followed the lessons with her father. The verdict before returning to the courtroom

of Cesare Bechis

There 7 year old student from Bari failed established by the class council that her from the second to third grade will be prevented, she must be re-evaluated. It was decided yesterday Tar from Bari which accepted the suspension petition from the parents through the Giacomo and Roberta Valla law firm. There is no peremptory deadline, but the school must take the student’s file and re-evaluate the school performance in time for the resumption of classes. “The confrontation in the council chamber was long – commented the lawyer Roberta Valla – and also from the formal point of view the judges in the order seem to have fully accepted our theses”.

Den Tar: “Failure can be a traumatic experience”

First, the TAR states that the non-admission to the next grade of primary school “thepermissible last resort only in exceptional cases and proven by specific motivation “and notes that” the loss of a school year at such an early age and lack of adequate motivation, evaluated in the light of the exclusive interest of the minor, a severe damage“. In addition, it would be a “traumatic experience that can damage the child’s self-esteem and damage the relationship of trust in the educational institution”. Also important is the fact that “because of the rejection, the child is removed from the class group, in which she integrated herself”.

In addition, the lawyers highlighted the state of health of the child, who suffers from a severe form of asthma, the schooling that took place in the father and the fact that the student nevertheless did not receive negative awards in various subjects, all considerations accepted. from TAR. Finally, in light of the many absences highlighted by the school, the judges declare that “school attendance in the primary school of the first school is not relevant for the validity of the school year, as it is not included in the assessment and certification criteria of competences is included. in the first cycle of education ». The TAR then ordered the school to “evaluate with specific motivation whether all learning levels that are not even partially achieved are such that it leads to the non-enrollment of the same child leads to the next class”.

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July 28, 2022 | 19:01


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