Autism Day. Coop Serena turns blue

On April 2, World Autism Awareness Day, four large blue lights will open in Ferrara and its province.

They are one of the three Coop Serena centers that deal with this disorder, affecting 1 in 77 children (ages 7-9 years), 600 thousand autistic people in Italy and involving 2 million and 400 thousand people as families every day.

The structures that are illuminated in blue, the color of this day, are the seat of Coop Serena, Heron of Bondeno, the Ginestra in Ferrara and the Csrd San Martino. And it is no coincidence that the cooperative of via Boschetto is very attentive to the subject.

Cooperativa Serena, a member of the Confcooperative, has over the last five years developed several services dedicated to the treatment of people with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

“From an early age, thanks to the valuable collaboration with the Piccolo Principe Cooperative – says Sabrina Trapella, Head of this service for Coop Serena -, the first integrated and inclusive playschool model was tested at the Kindergarten School Nature in Monestirolo, passing school where Coop Serena in Ati with other Ferrara realities, counts a school support service for Asd people, the school cycle with the Ponte Project end.

The Ponte socio rehabilitativo project takes place in the Aut-LAB Laboratory (Autonomy Laboratory) via Boschetto n. 26 in Ferrara and is promoted and supported by the school integration office of the municipality of Ferrara, and represents an important moment in the transition phase from adolescence to adulthood, where the pei (issued by the multidisciplinary team: UO NPIA Asl Ferrara dei Social Services and from the school) is complemented by specialized qualification activities prepared for the construction of the life project in adulthood.

In the context of accredited services for adults, however, there are three Coop Serena centers that deal with them: Airone di Bondeno, Ginestra in Ferrara and Csrd San Martino, the latter, in particular, belonging to the services for the disabled that have undergone specific training over the years in the field of habilitation treatment for autism spectrum disorders, also thanks to a close collaboration with the public services Adult Disabled Operations Unit, Department of Mental Health of the Local Health Authority of Ferrara and Asp according to the model integrated health and social care. The San Martino service – further Trapella -, thanks to the methodological requirements used and the experiences gained in the field of qualification for people with Asd, participated as the only provincial candidate in the training promoted by the Istituto Superiore di Sanità ‘Better welcome “welcome better”.

Coop Serena has also developed a series of private home services, also supported by an auto-click platform (premiata on social tech contest for the communities of the future) which allows Teleass interventionsfunctional assistance to strengthen the activities and presence with a significant reduction in the cost of providing the service, against a broad effectiveness of the treatments.

On the eve of April 2nd, “we are lighting our facilities with a blue light to commemorate this day – concludes Sabrina Trapella – but we are well aware that it is the concrete reaction to the families, to the people concerned. is, the real difference. Symbols are important, but it is the constant work of every day for those who often feel overwhelmed, which is really important. “


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