The ‘Park of Rights’ opens in Rome

Nine colorful benches are dedicated to the main human rights in the garden of the ‘Zaveria Cassia’ school in the San Basilio district, where dozens of generations of children and young people from the complex territory grew up in the eastern suburbs of Rome. The Comprehensive Institute, founded by the Sacramentine Sisters of Bergamo in … Read more

Against dispersion, we need to renew teachers and invest in teachers

The National Association of Principals has no doubt about how the problems associated with early school leaving should and can be overcome.According to the association, that of Antonello Giannelli “A just school is built by renewing teachers” and this is exactly the title of a programmatic document that was approved by the National Council a … Read more

School and training for inclusion in the competitive world of work: Reflections by Councilor Leo and the growth of the “Per La Puglia” movement

LECCE – Regional Councilor Sebastiano Leo reflects on the path that has been taken so far, and on the new movement: My powers are actually transversal, they take care of the children from the first years of their lives and pursue them until they Leaving the world of work. Among other things, I was in … Read more

“Primitive language and lacking logic”: 95% of those who failed the written test in the judiciary. The Commissioner: “Hundreds of embarrassing issues”

Themes designed “in one primitive Italianwithout Argumentative Logic, almost invaluable“And many others” without gods Minimum requirementsfull of typos ed conceptual feeler In the of law“. This is the disturbing picture that has arisen from the correction of the written tests of the last Competition in justiceone of the worst ever: despite the 3,797 th most … Read more