Teaching staff, Ghizzoni (PD): ‘Increasing the fund for the expansion of teachers and the recruitment of teachers’. The Interview

by Giancarlo Sacchi Make sure that the teachers are really appreciated and that their arrival in the chair is a little easier. And then solve the problem of school precariousness. Manuela Ghizzoni, Member of the National Secretariat of the PD with responsibility for Schools and Universities, has very clear ideas and says them in an … Read more

Digitally forgotten at school, at work: is PNRR enough to change the country?

The tendency to limit in case of emergency the use of digital environments bannent School seems to prevail, after the blockade and still in the pandemic, hiding nearly decades of debates and practices to integrate digital environments for remote learning. At the same level, in the post-confinement, which demonization of smart work it revealed, in … Read more

Builders of the future at the Liceo Campanella with over 270 new members

LAMEZIA TERME. The high school “Tommaso Campanella” has always put attitudes, interests, potentials, skills, motivations and aspirations, emotions, self-representation, needs in the first place in the preparation of the “orientation activities”. Realities of each student to improve intelligence . of all. On the other hand, profOrientation it is the process, articulated and structured activities, that … Read more

From illustrated books to building DICE and STORYTELLING CARDS (online creative workshop) – Accredited

The WebLab is an online art lab, accredited by MIUR (4 hours) and is aimed at teachers, educators and educators to assist in the design of an activity based on the methodology of storytelling, through the construction of DICE and STORYTELLING CARDS. How do you “build” a story? What can we start by stimulating Creativity … Read more

Training, health care and combating the phenomenon of trade – Service for charitable interventions for the benefit of third world countries

At its meeting on 4 and 5 February, the Committee for Charitable Interventions in favor of the Third World approved 69 new projects, for which € 14,804,199 will be allocated as follows: € 11,297,098 for 41 projects in Africa, € 2,369,646 for 18 projects in Latin America; € 921,444 for 8 projects in Asia; € … Read more

“Be receptive”, Federalberghi Garda Veneto Initiatives for the education of young people in the tourism sector

The formal commitment of the category for the expansion of young people along the way and in the company role was expressed, along with the real availability for internship training. The launch of the new Federalberghi Garda Veneto campaign and of the collaboration projects with the schools took place with the press conference held on … Read more

Non-cognitive skills, DD-SCI hopes to reduce DDL: The task of the school is to train citizens who are conscious and capable of critical exercise

Didactic Division of the Italian Chemical Society (DD-SCI) – On 11 January 2022, Parliament passed Bill no. Education. The bill continues its parliamentary process and is now being reviewed by the Senate. Several voices have been raised to comment on and criticize the content of this provision, which lies behind the apparent and divisible desire … Read more

Teacher training 25 hours on inclusion, the CTS changes the scheme. Final rating test will be anonymous. Note

With memorandum 2405 of 21 October 2021, the Ministry of Education provides clarifications and operational indications on the training of teachers on support in classes with students with disabilities, as required by the Budget Act 2021, which is allocated 10 million euros for this has. Training activities. The ministry clarifies after the sentence of Lazio … Read more

PNRR, from the recruitment reform to the reorganization of the school system. 17 billion to revolutionize the school. All measures [SPECIALE]

The National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR) is a plan for the transformation of the country, for economic revitalization, for the realization of the ecological and digital transition, realized thanks to the Next Generation EU. The PNRR is divided into six missions, which represent the main areas of the intervention of the plan and are: … Read more