Augusta, Schools and Education for Life, former Minister Azzolina, guest of Megara High School

Lucia Azzolina, former education minister in the Conte government and national parliamentarian of the 5 stars, who was a guest of Megara Lycée on Monday morning, discussed with students about the importance of the centrality of education, but also about her personal life spoken. . The teacher Renato Santoro, the teacher Maria Adelaide Scacco, who was also his philosophy teacher last year of the high school, and Alfio Castro, talked to the teacher and the new teacher, currently on leave, because she is engaged in Parliament . Collaboration of digital animator Anna Lucia Daniele. Introducing the Adviser for Education Ombretta Tringali, teachers and representatives of the Second Ruiz High School, school principals, teachers and participating students representing the comprehensive schools.

The meeting began with the reading by students Ioana Stoica of IV A of the Classics and Giulia Farhat of IV B of Linguistics of some significant passages from the book “La vita learns”, in which the former Minister Azzolina on the ‘Centrality insists. of commitment to study as the only resource for personal salvation and success in life, in which “Books, study, perseverance and the desire to do” often the picture “the only way to get out and make your dreams come true “.

In the second part of the debate, Teacher Castro addresses the Honorable, some technical issues inherent in the school world, regarding the limits and competencies of school autonomy and didactic and educational planning, regarding the current role of the collegiate bodies , which are established, presented. by the decree delegates from the 1970s in view of a possible reform process. “School is a subject of ideological conflict “ and is still considered by most to be “Source of expenditure “ rather than “Investment “– said the Honorable Member, concentrating on the centrality of learning as a “social lift”.

The students and wingers were the protagonists of the last part of the meeting with questions about the issue of safety in the workplace for the student involved in the PTCs, and the paths to transversal skills and orientation, as well as the ‘Possibility for the same PTCs. during the blockade after the first pandemic wave and the introduction of the institutionalized teaching of civic education within the same time frame. At the end of her speech, Azzolina claims that in a country where the idea of “Object From” and with the sad record of femicide deaths, the younger generations have the task of combating all hateful prejudices “held high with head”, so that we can finally come to judge women “For merit, skills and curriculum”.

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