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Diploma for the 15 students of the 5th Enel class of the “Gaetano Arangio Ruiz” Higher Institute, the first in Eastern Sicily to graduate after a two-year teaching training course with Enel. the lucky students of Ruiz graduated with excellent results with the additional awareness of having a work contract in their pocket: one student reached 100 in honors while five boys reached the mark of 100/100.

The fifteen students of the 5th Enel class of the high school “Gaetano Arangio Ruiz”, the first in eastern Sicily after a two-year teaching-training course with Enel, completed state exams with excellent results. This is a winning program born from the collaboration between the Ministry of Education, University and Research, the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy and Enel for students from the fourth and fifth year of technical institutions with a technological focus, which just involved the Augusta . Institute. The fifteen boys from Ruiz were actually employed in the fourth year of study by the Enel group with a dual learning contract for advancement and research and they also alternated the school visit with a day of technical-vocational training in the company in the company. Headquarters of e-distribution of Augusta in the Cozzo Filonero district. In the summer, however, the student-teachers were present in the company from Monday to Friday for a total of 38 hours a week, with the so-called training on the job, supporting the operational teams and concretely implementing the concepts during the school year. In addition, the students were paid as apprentices in all respects, including from the point of view of sickness, insurance and social security. The students were followed by a school tutor, teacher Angelo Santacroce, and by company tutors, Tommaso Scimone, Sara Guarneri, Miriam Alessi In the Massimo ZangrandoE-distribution manager for the provinces of Syracuse and Ragusa, which he took over Happy Sallustio.

Despite two difficult years due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the lucky students of Ruiz graduated with excellent results with the additional awareness of having a work contract in their pocket: one student reached 100 in honors while five boys reached the score of 100/100. After the first step, the technical high school diploma in electronics and electrical engineering, was achieved, the second stage of the professional internship of 13 months in the company has now begun, in which the 14 boys and one girl strengthen the staff team. E-Distribuzione in Sicily, to achieve a temporary employment relationship. Ruiz’s teacherMaria Concetta Castorinaexpress thanks to the company, especially the contact person for the apprenticeship, Girolamo Mineo, Enel’s personal manager for Lazio in Sicily. “Ruiz had the honor of being chosen to carry out this innovative experimental path, which leads to the direct introduction of the 15 recent graduates into the world of work. Our school is characterized by an innovative teaching and offers both a good training for the ‘world of work as well as the university. We hope that this learning model experimented with Enel will continue in the future to achieve an increasingly motivated and qualified introduction of students to the world of work.

The teacher Angelo Santacroce, school tutor of the project was also satisfied: “Having 15 new high school graduates hired immediately is an extraordinary result. The strength of the dual learning project promoted by Enel lies in the selection of students through active collaboration with the school, to create a path with contents that are more in line with business and production needs, characterized by skills, which can be spent directly on the labor market.. The results obtained, the human and technical growth of the students were proof of the goodness of the work in these two years of Ruiz and E-Distribuzione “.

But what was the effect that the experiment had on the participants? To answer is Daniele Pistollato, centista of the Enel del Ruiz class: “The experience of being an apprentice and alternating with Enel has made me grow, positively influencing my motivation and sense of responsibility to tackle even at school. We have been trained academically and professionally and for that we have to thank the commitment of our school and business tutors and our teachers , who really combined theory and practice. It was not easy to organize ourselves, we had to study and think about the work. But in the end we managed to overcome all difficulties, even through the pandemic, with success. It would be great if the dual apprenticeship became a reality for all technical institutes”.

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