Atlante Italian Teacher Award, here are the six finalists of the award for the best projects from the schools

After the break in the pandemic, United Network Europe, the largest European organization that develops and promotes innovative higher education courses for young people, is back. In fact, from 2 to 4 May, Immun Middle School 2022 will take place in Rome, an initiative involving over a thousand students from high schools in Lazio and throughout Italy, simulating three-day sessions of the United Nations. General meeting.

The prestigious award is also back “Atlante – Italian Teacher Award”, founded in 2018 by United Network Eu in collaboration with “Repubblica @ Scuola” and in collaboration with the Varkey Foundation (the foundation that is awarded the “Nobel” for prof every year), with the goal announced – on a large digital platform for the public (over two thousand projects are collected!) – the often well-organized work of many teachers, creative and original initiatives known as training tools, so that they facilitate their dissemination.

Hundreds of teachers from Italian schools once again took part in the selection of their training projects this year: six finalists were chosen by an independent jury of journalists, writers and exponents from the world of culture and schools, led by Stefano Marroni, Head of the Office Rai Press. The name of the winner, who wins a week-long study trip to New York, will be announced on May 4, on the occasion of the last day of work at Imun Middle School.

And here are the names of the finalists of this edition:

Primary school:

– Fabio Manni, Teacher of all disciplines at the Alighieri Diaz Comprehensive Institute in Lecce, with the dual inclusion project in the hospital school: teaching activities in the hospital departments and art and music courses in the schools of origin of the sick students.

– Isabella Bosio, Italian teacher at the BB School of Scanzorosciate (Bergamo). His projects are diverse: from understanding history through expanding the timeline to poetry as a tool for listening and sharing. It is an engaging project to recover sociability in the covid years.

Secondary School:

– Daniele Mancini, Professor of Technology at the Rosmini Comprehensive Institute in Rome. He involved children in “basic design” lessons with 48 playful and leisure experiences; during the pandemic, he built a web radio with them at school.

– Riccardo Bonomi, Professor of Mathematics and Science at the Comprehensive Institute of Siziano (Pavia). He adopted chemistry training in an original way using Lego bricks to recognize elements and their structures. And to combine them together.

Secondary High School:

Giovanna Ripolo, Professor of History and Philosophy at Pythagoras Classical Lyceum in Crotone. He created “book trailers” with students to help and stimulate reading, tools that are applied with “qrcodes” to paper books in the school library.

– Simona Saporito, Professor of Economics and Law at ITES Galiani in Naples. It involved students in active nationality: from murals to meetings with social workers, with roadmasters and sign language learners.


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