Athlete Prof says No to World Cup: “I do not betray my students who have a high school diploma”

Volterra (Pisa), 16 April 2022 – In Emiliano Raspi two souls have always lived together: that of professor and that of Athletes. Two passions, two missions dictated by the heart, that both continued to give everything of themselves. But life, you know, sometimes puts you at a crossroads. And in the moment it came to pass choose between one and the otherbetween his performance as an athlete after so many sacrifices and training, and not leaving the student alone at a crucial moment for their training as mature, he has no doubt.

And on Facebook, he announced: “After the meeting on the decision to form the examination committee, it is official: I will not participate in the contest of

100 meters
scheduled for June 29, ai World Cups in Tampere. Before explaining the reasons for this decision to my friends and those who follow my sporting achievements, I think it’s right to say yes to avoid misunderstandings, and at the same time to say thank you that neither the teacher, nor the school council, nor less did the parents of the students (of whom I have been fortunate enough to know for some time) at this time ever allow themselves to be pressured into giving up participating in such an important event, of course, under. other things, its absolute relevance that he covered for me. I mean, they would have let me go. Do Decision therefore belongs to me and only me “.

“Of course,” adds Emiliano Raspi, “I will not hide it it costs me a lotfor a thousand reasons, ab very painful therapies (and expensive) that I had to endure to get back on my feet after a very serious injury (but what they say “would be the least”). Move on from Victims to whom I have subjected the family to train regularly, to the point of inability to realize a dream, that is below the few masters in Italy to have participated in all the major finals in the world in the European scene. In short, let’s be it, it does not happen every day, in every area of ​​life, to be able to be among the top eight in the world and you understand well that if the registry marks 50 and the body has been on the limit and outgrown for some time, the chances of trying again are reduced (more than optimistically speaking) to a flicker ”.

“And then you will ask yourself why I made this choice – writes the professor – well, I believe that my work, at least as I interpret it, it is not just a job. I ask many of my students, in addition to studying of course, especially from an emotional point of view, in cultivating respect for others and in cultivating a minimum of education, in the highest sense of the term. Inevitably, it happens, in this way, that during the three-year period a Trust relationship mutual which, in all honesty, does not I felt betrayed. Investing in feelings, as I have always done in life, has led me to build (my) small world that is extremely rich (besides money!) And full of contentment. But I also know that building a place (imaginary and not so beautiful), like all things on this earth, sometimes requires pay a price, even a high price “.

“I do not know if the children fully understand this, maybe it will not happen and not out of lack of gratitude – he explains – God forbid, but simply because they are fortunately still damn young. Not all lessons come necessarily directly to the bones, sometimes it takes time to metabolize them and really understand their meaning and I’m sure they will one day understand that I have given so much to myself, I could not leave them alone … and maybe in a similar situation, who knows, they will behave accordingly “. “A better world – Raspi concludes – there is a way, it can only be built that way. Now I’m going to camp, because whatever it does not stop here… “.

Maurizio Costanzo

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