Ata staff, ban on replacing school workers in the first week of absence and administrative staff in the first month: it’s time to review the parameters

No school official can be replaced in his first week of absence, even if the school is to be understaffed. A mat technical and administrative assistants Things are getting worse, since they cannot be replaced by absence of thirty days. Provisions date back to Stability Act 2015 (L.190 / 14, Article 1, Section 332, Prohibition of substitution, further specified by the notes DPIT Prot. n. 2116 of 30 September 2015 and DGPER prot. n. 10073 of 14.04.2016) and which are renewed from year to year Regulation on substitutes (You see Note 25089 dated August 6, 2021 which governs the substitutions of the school year just past).

In this context, in which the institutes usually have only one collaborator per plexus or at most two, and in this state they have to manage the complexity of the opening of the building, managing the cleaning and monitoring; and in which the DaD has increased the use of technologies in the classroom tenfold, so that it is essential to resort to IT technicians who, when they fail, are often not replaced by the government and the Ministry of Education. , increasing the dose with continuous cuts in staff.


In this respect, the Flc CGIL trade union commemorates the year 2008, when 57,000 ATA staff were sent home.

Based on that, the demand from the unions is of course that of review the parameters for ATA staff assigned to schools.

Moreover, the summer does not ease the workload of these human resources, especially in these two years of Covid, which have multiplied the school bureaucracy, including the summer, in view of the return to school in September. And as for the pandemic, we should remember that in recent weeks the school secretariats have been overloaded with practices related to new employers, substitutes and the management of Pon projects (and the latter also weigh heavily on school collaborators). .

The trade union Flc CGIL also notes in this regard: “We would like to see, as far as possible, the replacement of the secretariat of the Secretariat at the end of the teaching activities (June 10th or June 30th), if after that date. the demands do not decrease, but, in fact, increase “.

To reiterate the importance of the Ata staff in the schools, the Francesco Sinopoli Federation draws up a list of tasks that we consider to be extremely useful in calculating the tasks on the shoulders of the school’s administrative staff.

Administrative Staff Duties

  • Recovery Courses: Lists of students with suspended sentences, communications to families, requests for teacher availability for courses, preparation of rankings, identification, contracts, subsequent payment of fees.
  • Preparation of all documents related to the examinations for suspended sentences, both for all aspects concerning students and families, as well as concerning teaching staff, including substitutes.
  • The management of unsuccessful students and the definition of students in the classes of the next school year.
  • Consistency acceptance or rejection of transfer requests from other institutes, (including communications to families), consistency documents for supplementary examinations, including assignments and possible substitutes for teachers.
  • Confirmation of enrollment in the first classes of the next school year (high school students), information to the families and recognition of the documentation, definition of data useful for class formation and class formation in the electronic register database.
  • The state examinations, with the formalities related to the students (data entry on SIDI for activation of the web commission application), the contracts of the internal commissioners (including short-term extensions and transformation of part-time and full-time), the consistent liquidation of their remuneration to the (external) presidents.
  • All acts related to the determination and request of the faculty staff.
  • Adapt the support staff by identifying the detailed data of the L.104 student certifications and the results of the needs and sending them to the EIPs.
  • The sending of the final analytical ballot papers to SIDI, both in June and after the exams, is suspended.
  • Dispatch of ballot papers to the Regional Scholastic Observatory, both in June and after suspended adjudication (in a different format from SIDI) and of the state examination results.
  • The recalculation of vacations not taken by deputies (Decree sending to Accounting for ATAs and Introduction R2 for Teachers).
  • Liquidation of ancillary skills for all staff (MOF).
  • Liquidation of the PCTO school budget and fees for funded projects, including any external experts.
  • The month claims F24 and DMA. – The elaboration of the salary for pension staff from 01/09.
  • Preparation of the acts of confirmation in the role and / or passing test period teaching staff.
  • The management of electronic invoices on the SIDI portal, their control, settlement and registration.
  • The control of supplies, tests and inventory records, also the management of maintenance because it benefits from the absence of students.
  • Every GPS, every two years (and three years for the 3rd ATA band), because the USP always delegates schools (which is their management in the summer, because the calls are always close to the summer).
  • Later accounting method checks on payments, decrees, absences (so-called sampling DL123 / 2011 and later amendments and additions);
  • The inevitable collaboration with MEF for salaries and problem solving for staff;
  • And the inevitable PON project reporting versions. Of course, all acts listed with it must be registered regularly, without interruption.

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