“At work to protect workers”

Increased workload, staff shortages, reduced wages and uncertainty about the future. The maxi-change in the contract threw the school canteens in Rome into chaos, so that yesterday chefs and canteen staff went on strike, leaving the stoves and kitchens empty. From nursery schools to middle schools, through playschools and primary schools, children have to deal with the “cold basket” and in many schools in the capital there has been no shortage of inconveniences.

School canteens, the strike of chefs and workers

A protest by the workers of the school canteens, who after a long series of appeals and ultimatums from the unions to the companies and the municipality fell on Piazza del Campidoglio. Under accusation “the severe impact on working conditions” followed by the change of companies that received the municipal contract. No compliance with the social clause, recourse to subcontracts not provided for in the tender specifications, with workers thereby losing former protection and rights. The most critical situations are those of Lot 9, ie the schools of Municipio XIV, and of Lot 7, in IV.

“For two months now, workers have been suffering from wage losses in a situation of absolute uncertainty over the application of the tender specifications, especially as regards the workforce. at “- emphasize the unions, and ask the municipality to open a control room that can govern the contract and give the chefs and canteen workers assurance that, a few months after the reopening of the schools, they are already” exhausted “.

School canteens, the Capitol: “At work to protect workers”

The Capitol said it was willing to fully play the role of contracting authority and therefore review the regular performance of the service and the protection of workers’ rights in accordance with the contract. “With them – said the Councilor for School, Work, Education, Claudia Pratelli – we have already set up a direct communication channel with Roma Capitale, useful for facilitating the reporting of any anomalies and irregularities.”

Workers on strike: Inconvenience in school canteen in Rome

“I would also like to draw attention to one aspect that I consider to be of fundamental importance: We know that during the strike of the school catering service that took place today, some companies responsible for the service suffered serious non-compliance. were. Against what has happened, the municipal government – the aldermen continue – immediately convened the companies of the lots concerned, to review the extent of the inconveniences that have arisen and to evaluate all possible sanctions. It is good to clarify immediately that in no case the occurrence of situations similar to those of some schools in the morning are tolerable. In this sense, the seriousness of the companies offering the service is an essential condition for working with Roma Capitale.


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