at the Volta, the biomedical orientation becomes active

Again this year, Liceo Scientifico ‘A. Volta ‘di Foggia, which affirms the professional commitment of the whole school structure, has succeeded in distinguishing and focusing the pedagogical expectations of the students of the fourth and fifth grades on the cognitive and experiential content of the biomedical orientation.

The success of the formula of an “active orientation” path is that of BiolaB, experimented since 2016, based on the fruitful collaboration between the University Hospital and the Lyceum, thanks to the important and exclusive agreement with the University of Studies. of Foggia. Departments of the Medical Area, edited by Referent Teacher Tea Macolino and Professors Anna Savino and Rossella Del Pesce, Department of Sciences. The mutual cooperation agreement allowed, among other things, a full dive into the academic world and into the panorama of the various medical specialist industries.

With the help of the best professionals in the sector, their dissemination and information skills and the laboratory experiences ‘Skill-Lab – Anatomy’, for the fourth classes, and ‘Advanced Medicine’ for the fifth classes, which are carried out in a university environment the students participated. in the project of biomedical curvature were enthusiastic about the medical training experience. Students had the opportunity to experience personal simulations of ‘clinical cases’ on a special manikin capable of reproducing any characteristic of the patient; they also guided and created behavioral situations with the patient, with the operators, as well as complex clinical scenarios.

“Having the privilege of direct access to hospital-university operating structures, clinical experience and master’s courses,” explains teacher Gabriella Grilli, “can be considered as one of the keystones of the school school’s recent reaffirmative success in the biomedical field for students. thus being able to develop their skills and shape their inclinations, aspirations and professional projects with more vigor ”.

This year too, the territorial synergy, mediated by the wisdom of the order of the doctors of the province of Foggia, worked very well. The latter, which offers its concrete collaboration in the experimental path of biomedicine, has on the one hand provided the opportunity for a blend between education and school preparation, and on the other hand, direct experience in the real scientific world that has allowed students a broad vision of their professional future.


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