At the beginning “Together a life project”: Students of the Vastese in a way Mark Anffas Vasto

“Strengthening the experimental baggage that Anffas Vasto has managed to build over the years as part of creating a personal, conscious and dignified way for people with disabilities to build. A journey in accordance with Law 328/2000, specifically with Article 14, which speaks precisely to the structuring of an individual life project, is aimed at 18 students with disabilities, diversified into the age group between 3 and 17 years, and plans a way to identify each of them through support “of an integrated system of socio-psycho-educational interventions involving all areas. of the life of the child, of the family and of the school, through all the other services with which they interact”.

This was stated by Paola Mucciconi, President of the Anffas Association, promoter of the “Together a Life Project”, funded by the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy in the Abruzzo region

The conference for the official presentation of the Virtual Path, which aims to promote and facilitate the social and educational inclusion of students with disabilities.

And it does so by setting up a network that wants to benefit from the results, not just in the short term but also in the long term. The event was thus led by representatives of all the partners involved, including the communes of Vasto, Monteodorisio and Pollutri, with Councilors Nicola Della Gatta, Mariachiara Del Giango and Antonio Di Martino respectively; the schools with the managers Nino Fuiano and Nicoletta Del Re, the latter accompanied by the coordinator of Group H Professor Catuzzi, for the Mattei and Palizzi high schools in Vasto, as well as the vice-teacher Alessandra Travaglini of the Monteodorisio complex. Also present was the local health authority, a key protagonist of this initiative, with Drusiana Ricciuti, spokesperson for the local health authorities of Lanciano – Vasto – Chieti and Giulia Paolini, representing the family counseling in Vasto.

Also Casto Di Bonaventura and Simone Alinovi, representing the clubs CSV Abruzzo and Horizon Onlus, sent a message of closeness, but could not participate.

“Parents must also represent the focal point of their children, because they are the only figures who will never change in their lives,” explains President Mucciconi, reviewing the key phases of the project. The following professionals will be part of the team: Catia Tinari, education consultant specializing in child neuropsychiatry, Luigi Gileno, psychologist-psychotherapist specializing in developmental age, specialists Pedrinazzi, Sangalli and Tognon involved with Pamela Di Vincenzosi in design. and who also pursue part of the education, Gilda Muratori and Gabriella Tarantino, who take care of the physiotherapy aspect the first and the nutrition aspect the second. Daniela Tarantino is the project coordinator and the administrative aspect is handled by Giovanna Antonelli.

“The general training will involve all partners, especially at school level, but also volunteers, operators and parents. For the more specific part, we have built a highly refined path thanks to the support of Anffas Nazionale, ”concludes President Anffas enthusiastically.

Finally, a network that is hoped to help optimize resources and energies. The doors have been opened for dialogue and cooperation between different but complementary social actors in the pursuit of well-being for people with disabilities.


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