At Marconi, competition between schools over transport, logistics and aircraft management

Tomorrow, April 28th and Friday 29th, the G. Marconi Technological Institute of Padua will host the 2022 edition of the National Competition of Excellence of the Technical Institutes of Transport and Logistics, option of Air Vehicle Management. The historic Paduan Institute, already the winner of the first edition, held in Rome in 2021, has the honor of organizing the important school competition, which was established by the Ministry of Education and which this year sees participation, following the inconvenience of the Pandemic, from 11 schools across Italy.

The race

Each institute will compete with a 4th grade student, for a total of 12 students; the class 4aM student, representing the Marconi Institute, will participate in competitions. Students must try their hand at a series of theoretical and practical tests regarding the behavior of the aircraft, including the planning of a VFR (Visual Flight Rules) flight over Venice (Padua VFR Area), or the use of any deen. Procedures that a pilot must follow to make a safe flight, mainly with the observation of appropriate reporting points without relying on radio aids for navigation, and a practical pilot test with “ground – board – ground” communication performed in modern Lab of the Padua School, in the forefront of technological instruments and especially of the air traffic simulator, the only one of its kind in all of Italy.

The demonstration

The event, which aims to enhance students’ excellence through an exchange of experiences between different socio-cultural realities and provide a direct approach to an integrated school education system, also aims to raise awareness and knowledge about the content and values ​​of the technical education sectors, with all local components including institutional and entrepreneurship. It is precisely from this point of view of the network, in which the school opens up to its own context, that the national competition, which has been sponsored by the municipality of Padua, the province of Padua, Enac, (National Civil Aviation Authority), has been won by the province. sponsored by the FSC company (Flight Simulator Center) and the Aeroclub of Padua, under the aegis of RICMA (Italian Network of Technical Institutes, option of Air Vehicle Management), all the technical institutes of transport and logistics that have the option Air Vehicle Conduction hunn.

The Commission

It is led to a technical commission by Marconi School Director Prof Claudia Morara with verification by the Director of Usr Veneto Maria Mapelli, assisted by the address teachers of the institute itself, Prof. Francesco Iaccarino and Prof. Roberto Rossetto, President of the Aeroclub of Padua Federico Mastrogiacomo, Marco Duspiva Executive of ENAC, Corrado Tommasi and Salvatore Evola of ENAV (National Flight Assistance Society), and of the representative of the Historical Aircraft Group Andrea Rossetto Decree who will be the winner on based on the indications of the MI and the evaluation criteria shared and approved by the members of the Commission themselves.


To celebrate this important event, the Marconi Institute will host the Italian school delegations, city authorities and the exam committee on the evening of April 28 in a gala dinner in the prestigious setting of the Palazzo Zacco al Prà, the current seat of the officers. Club Unified Padua, one of the most elegant and historic buildings in Prato della Valle. The event will end with the award ceremony in the Aula Magna of the Marconi Institute on Friday 29 April at 3.30 pm. “It is a great honor to organize this event, which celebrates the technical preparation of our students and especially Daniele Vellar, winner of the first edition, who is present at the key moments of the event. I am convinced that the expansion of excellence is the main way to motivate students, especially in a time as confusing and difficult as the current one, “says Prof Claudia Morara, Head of the Marconi School.


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