At Liceo “Vecchi” Science and Art Real Dialogue: New Recognition for the Trani Institute

Once again recognition for the Liceo Scientifico Vecchi, who promoted on April 26 with a significant representation of the finalist students and their tutors at the award ceremony of the exhibition “COLORS AND IMAGES OF SCIENCE: the art of scientific research”, as part of by from the Bari stage of the project “ART AND SCIENCE ACROS ITALY” and in the theater “N. Piccinni” of Bari.

Hosted by the Metropolitan City of Bari’s Sala del Colonnato from March 31 to April 15, the exhibition featured more than 150 works by students from 16 high schools in the metropolitan area of ​​Bari. and BAT were created. After the final with 23 works, created by the students of the quartet classes, at the end of their PCTO path, our Liceo was awarded among the schools of the whole of Puglia for getting two.
specially appointed.

The works ARTESCOPIO, the work of the students from the 4th class Elisa di Lernia, Arianna Di Cugno, Marilisa Notarangelo and THE DARK ROADS by the students Ludovico Lovino, Michele Monteriso, Guido Todisco from the 4th AS class received the Unrecognition. A plaque was also delivered to the Liceo Scientifico Vecchi, in recognition of the
Participation in the PCTO Art & Science in Italy is a valuable and innovative European project of the CREATIONS network organized by the National Institute of Nuclear Physics and CERN in Geneva, which aims to bring all students closer to the world of science and scientific research third to bring in fourth year of high school, use art as a means of communication.

The two-year project deeply involved the students of Liceo Vecchi both in the training phase, which last year gave them the opportunity to attend scientific seminars by experts and concluded with a visit to the INFN section of Bari, which in the design phase of the works to which they are dedicated in the current school year.
The collaboration between the school and the teachers of INFN and the Interuniversity Physics Department of Bari was constant and invaluable throughout the course, allowing students to acquire important scientific knowledge and skills and to use their creativity as an effective tool to share their knowledge.

A fascinating combination of art and science that fits well with the orientation and didactic address of Liceo Scientifico Vecchi, who has always strived to promote education that is both humanistic and scientific equivalent, as evidenced by innovative experiments . such as “Mathematical Liceo”, the “Biomedical Curvature” together with the “Liceo Scientifico Quadriennale”, in force of the next school year.
The award ceremony of the project “ART AND SCIENCE ACROS ITALY”, which opened with the institutional size of the Magnificent Rectors of the University and Polytechnic of Bari and the Director of the INFN Section of Bari, also involved personalities from the local culture, all admired for the creativity of the works on display. The teacher, prof. Angela Tannoia, who strongly supported the participation of Vecchi students in this prestigious course and directly supported their very high educational value,
congratulations to the finalists for the important result, the obvious result of the attention that Liceo Scientifico Vecchi devotes to the humanistic and scientific education of its students.

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