At least two students counted by the director of the secondary school

Not one, but two. According to testimonies collected by the ‘region’, at least two students from the Lugano secondary school fell in the intersection of the 39-year-old director of the institute, arrested on Wednesday 7 on charges of sexual acts with children and now suspended at the disposal of the Ministry of Education.culture and sports. Two minors, friends, two girls under the age of 16 who fell for the man’s lure. With one the teacher has complete relations, spent in several places, such as at home or in the car. The episodes would be two or three. In the case of the other student, there was some touching. Just one episode at least. The girls agreed, but this does not absolutely cancel the mistakes of the 39-year-old. It does not cancel its responsibility on the criminal level – sexual relations with minors under 16, consenting or not, are punishable – and on the ethical.

One of the victims confided in a friend

The events took place this year, over several months, between late spring and mid-summer. Then the student, with whom the 39-year-old had complete sexual intercourse, trusted a third girl. She is also his friend. The rumor began to spread, even reaching the parents’ ears. The police were thus alerted by the cantonal alarm, which after the investigation of the victim and further investigation informed the public ministry of the affair. Prosecutor Roberto Ruggeri immediately ordered the arrest of the 39-year-old director of the middle school, a restrictive measure that was confirmed by the coercion judge. The man is being remanded in custody at Farera Court Prison. As is the practice in criminal proceedings for sexual offences, the investigators will probably have a psychiatric report.

‘My (unexpected) move’

An expertise to better understand the personality of the man, married and father of three children. And also his vision of sexuality and sexual education. A vision is contained, at least in part, in the diploma thesis, academic year 2017-2018, which he presented to the Training and Learning Department (Dfa) of the Supsi to obtain the teaching qualification. And then there is that sentence on page 12 of the same document. In point 3.3, where he writes about “my (unexpected) transfer” from a middle school, also in the Lugano region, to another branch in the region, of which he would become director. Why are you writing about an “unexpected” transfer? A vision that the 39-year-old, in particular, distorted, of sexuality and sexual education, of which the two students had been “victims”.

It is a story full of many questions. That the criminal investigation must end. However, the school authority must also dissolve this. Should this graduation job have sounded like a wake-up call to appointments? Lecturer and director within a few years, after being deputy director.

‘Amazed and displeased’ parents

“We are surprised and regret this unexpected news. We talked about it with the person who took over the school performance and at the next meeting of the parents’ meeting (middle of next month) we asked the presence of the management ». A representative of the parents’ meeting of the middle school headed by the 39-year-old prefers to remain anonymous until the day of his arrest.What came out recently shocked the parents of the students, the teachers and the management of the institute. Our interlocutor said that she was relatively calm, after the reassurances to the families of the director of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports, who “directly took a position on the matter”.

Controversial and criticized path

However, in the light of the arrest of the 39-year-old, some decisions of the cantonal school authority continue to be discussed and instead of much shouting, 5 years ago, the director (then a teacher) was entrusted with the task of proposing. Training course related to affectivity and sexual education for eighth grade students in the context of the aforementioned thesis, which he refined in 2017-2018 to obtain the teaching qualification of the DFA. As part of the Latin courses, a path began that was not followed in the following years. For what reason? On the question of the ‘region’, the leaders of the DECS do not give any further statements (apart from those that were made when the arrest of the 39-year-old was made public) and that is taken into account by the ongoing criminal investigation. Among the reasons for not continuing the education, it could be the critical and only negative feedback expressed by the parents of the students, some of whom wondered how it was possible that within a few years the teacher to the director of the site.

Families not warned

According to our information, the recipients of the interdisciplinary study of the historical-cultural dimension of sexuality were originally fourth-grade Latin students from the high school from which the accused were “unexpectedly” transferred. The parents’ meeting of the new headquarters had also asked for explanations about the training, and complained about the lack of communication. The families learned that the teacher had talked about affection and sexual education as part of the lesson he taught at the school, only by reading the handouts given to the children. The communication gap was later “remedied” with a meeting in the presence of the students’ families, the teacher himself and the DFA tutor.

Inappropriate sex chat

The parents of the 8th grade students had, as mentioned, harshly criticized the training and the teacher had published their complaint in the appendices of the thesis. Some had highlighted the inappropriate choice to trust a chat on Whatsapp, even if confidential and with access allowed only with a password, sensitive topics and delicate discussions about sex.

At this point, it is worth mentioning the document of January 2019 of the Center for Educational and Digital Resources (Cerdd) of the Department of Education, Culture and Sports, with the recommendation to the management of the institutions, the regulations in this sense to adapt: ​​”Teachers may not request the use of electronic platforms or communication systems of students in violation of the age limits set by these platforms or communication systems themselves.”

Not only. Other families had judged the director’s invitation to the students to feed the chat without fear, even outside of school hours, unfortunate and inappropriate, while the topic is usually proposed during science lessons. Among the numerous objections expressed by the parents’ meeting, there was also the one related to the fact that this “reflection on affectivity and sexuality” was entrusted to a teacher who had just arrived at the office. Failure to control the information passed through the chat was also censored. In short, there are many perplexities of the director’s thesis. In short, there are a lot of knots to tie. Should this graduation job have sounded like a wake-up call to appointments?

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