at Francavilla de Seminar for teachers with actors, activists and writers

Friday, May 20, at 2:40 pm, in the auditorium of Palazzo Sirena, in Francavilla al Mare, is the seventh edition of the National Seminar on Inclusion “Ways, Languages, Voices of Inclusion”. No traditional training for teachers, but an assembly of exceptional speakers that will give space and voice to those who normally do not.

How do you live today as a superhero? For about 10 years now, two teachers have been supporting, Antonio Greco and Manuela Di Venanzio, the project “The Ways, Languages ​​and Voices of Inclusion” come to life, a project (or a dream) that paves the way for the Formation has changed. , tells and looks at diversity with a new voice and eyes. The experiences gained in previous editions have made more visible the teachers and specialists of special education who have come, the powers of the superheroes of our time: invisible protagonists of society with bizarre ways, perhaps, but with the most competent and unexpected skills.

So on May 20, the director of the Galileo Galilei Scientific High School in Pescara, Carlo Cappello, in collaboration with three other comprehensive institutions (Istituto Comprensivo 4 di Chieti, led by Elvira Pagliuca, Comprehensive Institute 3 of Pescara and Istituto Comprensivo M. Brigida di Termoli), will host famous people and authors who have shared the participants in an atmosphere of emotions and reflections on the world of education.

A staff of highly motivated and passionate teachers, Professors Francesca Santeusanio, Francesca Zappacosta, Tiziana Mammarella, Loredana Galante, Laura Caronna created an intimate and original meeting after two years of absence, in which different expressive languages ​​convey a new one. and a unique look at school inclusion. The new paths traveled in the sign of diversity are presented, which with seemingly dissonant sounds have succeeded in creating a harmonious and new symphony. Music, art and literature will reveal the powerful and creative richness of diversity.

Carlo Scataglini, support professor and author of several books for Erikson Verlag, will speak, a constant and valuable presence at the seminar, which was unveiled by the organizers at the publisher’s biennial conference, most importantly for professionals he enchanted. the audience of Rimini with the reading of his bestseller “Support is a quiet chaos and I do not change from work”. In the Francavilla Seminar, she will present stories of normal and extraordinary school, work, family and social inclusion, told in the first person by two girls with Down Syndrome.

Among the other appearances, those of theater, television and cinema actor Shi Yang Shi, recently special correspondent of the broadcast of Italia Uno Le Iene. A second-generation Chinese boy, forced to find new balance and syntheses between the culture of the place where he was born and the one where he grew up: he will talk about emigration, with unexpected and non-stereotyped implications.

Piero La Barbera and Florence Della Valle will make the live performance of the project “The Voice of the Dark” an engaging experience. Actor Jonis Bascir will be the protagonist and educator of anecdotes and paradoxes about his “unspecified” skin color, like a mulatto Roman. The voices of Martina Fuga, Claudio Ferrante, Agostino Squeglia and Fabio Fornasari will turn around to tell their lives, marked by the enthusiasm with the diversity and beauty that was born from it.

There is a unique afternoon in which the present, no doubt, matures a greater understanding and a certain affinity with the superhero who sits at school every morning.

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