At Bisignano’s great attention to the environment, Ecoross’s education proposal has been increasingly appreciated and asked –

In the comprehensive institute “G. Pucciano” talks about ecology and green practices.

Bisignano – The education ecosystem is increasingly paying attention to its greatest good, nature, Therefore, the ecology and environmental protection activities of managers and teachers are encouraged in the daily lessons. “I recycle more”, the training proposal devised and implemented by Ecoross, stands up to the times and is especially appreciated by those small recipients who are projected without boredom from their classrooms into the forest and the sea. of worldwide. Separate collection thus becomes a game in which siblings and their parents are also involved: fun and green, useful for rescuing the fauna of forests that are flooded with plastic or the fish of the oceans that swim under the debris as they are seen during lessons. From small gestures, the education project Ecoross can address universal issues such as land and water protection, climate change and biodiversity, and leave an indelible mark on the hearts of the participating students.

Simone Turco

This was proudly announced by Ecoross, Head of Urban Hygiene Services, Dr. Simone Turco, who considers it the company’s flagship: “This project has now become a reference point for educational institutions. We record many requests from managers, teachers and schools also from other territories not managed by Ecoross, as school education has an increasing need for additional, often external, activities on important topics such as proper waste management and environmental protection. As a company, we are very satisfied and I congratulate the children, who are always attentive, collaborative and above all prepared, ”said the Turkish manager.

Big welcome to the Ecoross environmental informant Aldina Provence who, at the Istituto Comprensivo “G. Pucciano”, in the Campo Sportivo complex, found interested and curious students who played with enthusiasm and a desire to learn.

The DS Francesco Talarico

The teacher, prof. Francesco Talaricohas a strong civic sense and invests in the future of its students: focus on reuse. / Recycling. If students are accustomed to this from an early age, they will surely become virtuous citizens in the future. ” The manager is committed to carrying out activities to support his / her school career: “We provide not only school modules during lessons, but also extracurricular activities in the field that focus on the practical aspect. In our districts we see all kinds of illegal landfills, abandoned waste, mattresses, plastic bottles, household appliances and we wonder what the meaning of these actions is. Our reflections need to be accompanied by action, so we plan exercises to put into practice what we learn, ”concluded manager Talarico.

The local government is paying more and more attention to these issues, present throughout the lesson Pierfrancesco BalestrieriEnvironmental Advisor, Isabella CairoSchäffe, e Federica PaternoPresident of the City Council with delegation for education.

Provence, Turkish, Cairo

Pierfrancesco Balestrieri

“We start with the children to achieve our goal, which is to increase the separate waste collection,” said the Environment Council. Pierfrancesco Balestrieri. “It’s the children who go home and they learn to separate because there are still families who do not know how to do it. But above all we start with children because they are the young and adults of tomorrow Due to the current problems at the regional level, the waste emergency and the difficulty of transferring it to landfills, it is essential to reduce the tolls that become expensive, especially for a municipality like that of Bisignano, which was in instability. We do everything in our power to save money for the institution and for the people. first step, after the first months of operation, we have the first data that encourage, ”the commissioner concluded.

Federica Paterno

The school is an institution based on raising awareness about these issues. “The children in the fourth grade have shown that they are much better prepared than the adults,” he said. Federica Paterno, President of the City Council with Delegation for Education. “The communal administration has worked well with the schools and several projects are being set up. It must be said that with the epidemiological emergency it has not been possible to organize many initiatives so far, but we hope to be able to start some awareness and information activities soon. which encourages good environmental practices, “concluded President Paterno.

At the end of the pedagogical path, students become “Sentinels of the Environment”, receive a pin identifying the important role they have been given in environmental issues, a certificate of participation and learning materials useful for consolidating and consolidating topics strengthen.

With this initiative, the company Ecoross continues the key points of its mission: «Urban hygiene services are not limited to basic activities such as the provision of collection services, abortion and so on. I think it is the duty of every company, to constantly inform, raise awareness and train the communities in which it operates. And we do this every day with all the means at our disposal. Nothing is left to chance »concluded Ecoross Urban Hygiene Services Manager, Dr. Simone Turco (Press release)

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