Asti, school canteen: training for canteen commissioners will start in mid-February

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On Tuesday afternoon, January 25, 2022, a meeting was held between the school canteen office and the municipality of Asti, the representative of the city canteen commission and several commissioners of the city canteen commissions, about connection on the GoToMeeting platform.

The meeting was attended by Dr Maurizio Rasero, Mayor of Asti Elisa Pietragalla, Education Councilor, Dr Alessandro Sgura, Production Manager of the Northwest Branches of Vivenda Spa (Piedmont, Liguria and Valle d’Aosta) and Manager of the Cooking Center . At the opening of the meeting, the director of the social policy, education and education services sector of the municipality of Asti highlighted the particularly difficult moment in the management of the canteen service also due to the pandemic trend, which determines a very variable situation. : Quarantine measures for classes and / or company staff often come unexpectedly and determine the need to reorganize the various activities in a very short time (food ordering, preparation, transport, administration), with consistent problems affecting the service affect. In addition, the difficulties associated with finding food may determine some changes in the menu. Despite the difficulties of management, the Canteen Operating Unit reaffirms the commitment of all to meet the needs and to respect the quality standards.

The manager also specified that a first date of training with prof. Wedge, in collaboration with Astiss University, is targeting the canteen commissioners and staff of the same UOM that will take place in the second half of February next year. This course also includes an online training session to parents on a date yet to be defined, in collaboration with the community’s dietitian, clubs and the same company that provides the service. During the meeting, the following various topics were discussed, requested by
Comparisons between the commissions, from the weekly monitoring of the City Council to the UOM and from the reports sent directly to the UOM, state that the aim of the school lunch service must always be to promote healthy nutrition education, without Quality Sacrifice, Goodness and Satisfaction:

1. The UOM informs that it continues to meet the individual canteen committees to collect reports and suggestions of the various school realities, bearers of particular details. The CMC also asks you to continue
reconstitute a technical table with the representatives of the CM to work in a more agile way on the menu proposal shared with the CM;
2. the way to get the service quality certification has been slowed down by the current situation, but it is still the main goal of the administration. CMC has shared with the offices the monitoring module in digital format, developed in recent months, which is used for daily monitoring of various school complexes. The new forms of the municipality, developed with the support of the external advisor of the UOM, will also be shared with the CMC as soon as possible;

UOM ensures that the inspections of the commune in the various school complexes and the cooking center proceed according to the previous protocols, including with the direct involvement of the quality certification consultant.
formalize new standardized procedures;

4. The commune is committed to implement food education projects for children, adolescents and parents. In this respect, we want to continue the extremely good project that has already begun in recent years. Councilor Pietragalla is also available to gather further suggestions and indications on the subject;

5. the CMC and the UOM have agreed to continue with a new evaluation of the satisfaction of the winter menu currently in use, which will be released in mid-February, and with the monitoring of the satisfaction of the catering service at the end. of the school year. This monitoring, which is aimed at both parents and teachers, is prepared by the CMC, shared with the UOM and then disseminated to users through schools as well;

6. on the proposal of the CMC, we will work to define an education protocol for the management of the “canteen” moment in schools to share with all schools, teachers and parents. This document is intended to be formalized
the commitment of all actors (teachers, parents, students, community) to build a high-quality school canteen, with clear and common indicators;

7. on the rules to apply in the canteen in an emergency and the recommendation to eat at a distance of not less than 2 m, clarified the Director of the Social Policy, Education and Education Services sector
that these are really not prescriptive “recommendations”, as the possibility of terminating the school canteen service is a hypothesis that needs to be considered in certain situations of spread of contagion. The current situation will be examined in a special meeting between the commune, the principal and the SISP;

At the request of the CMC, the catering company Vivenda Spa undertook:

– emphasize on duty in all complexes the importance of further monitoring of temperature and weight (always in the appropriate forms provided for in the self-monitoring plan);
– reminds the workers on duty to create each day a sample plate of the various dishes on the menu, to correspond to the quantity of food, expressed in weight or volume, to distribute each meal, e.g. ‘check. Table of terracotta weights provided;
– use the company’s app / social pages / portal or website to make users’ information visible about: daily menu (traditional and special diets), ingredients and preparations, real photos of the dishes served for children, daily replacements of dishes and related reasons, suggestions and indications for a proper nutrition at home, as well as any information that may make the service more transparent and usable even by the parents;
have more commitment and care in the preparation of dishes, especially side dishes, whose waste is still significant;
– Review procedures to improve the maintenance of the temperature of the plates, in particular where the consumption of food takes place in the classrooms and not in the refectory;
– review the supply of plastic cutlery used in the school to use its suitability for children.

The session concluded with the commitment of the administration and the CMC to continue the constructive discussion work to monitor and continuously improve the service of the school canteen.

The operational canteen unit of the municipality of Asti
The City Canteen Commission

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