ASL Training and Prevention Centralized services on a single site

The transfer of Spezia Risorse from the municipal complex and via Pascoli to the building and via Lamarmora, which, until a few months ago, was hosted by the municipal police, offers an opportunity for ASL 5, for two important functions in one place locally Healthcare distribution: Training and prevention. The first is being developed in three different places: a course for nurses in the complex of the former Fontana al Canaletto school, a course for physiotherapists in a building in the Felettino district behind the radiotherapy center and in terms of professional updating of staff. , in the building and via 24 Maggio. The Department of Prevention, on the other hand, is based on fiume and ‘satellites’ in the Inail building in Corso Nazionale.

The perspective is, as I said, to put everything under one roof. What would that be of the complex via Pascoli, if it was brought up to standard and renovated: 670 square meters divided into offices (ground floor, first and second floor) plus the outer courtyard, which according to the master plan can be used for the construction of new buildings . The specific project has not yet been worked out. But technical inspections were carried out to understand the logistical potential of the whole. However, what constitutes a driving force for achieving this goal is the allocation of 8 million euros, which was arranged by the Regional Council in the context of the 2022 Investment Plan with the resources under Article 20 of the 1998 Finance Act (the “driving force” of the ‘School building’), the plan from which also the announced 62 million euros for the new Felettino hospital will be derived. The administrative-procedural change was announced with a note from the region, which was released last Friday at 8.30pm. Text: “Eight million will be allocated to vocational training centers in La Spezia”. The rest of the news is the result of in-depth studies on the Genoa-Spezia axis.

“The conditions are set to achieve an important goal, it is not around the corner, but it is certainly an answer. The process has just begun. It is about buying a building and renovating it already from the municipality on. the road was laid. Aliens “. It is potentially the scene of work as early as next year, at the end of the transfer of Spezia Risorse to the new headquarters. The hope placed on the upper echelons of ASL 5 is that galloping inflation and the internal problems in the construction sector that are being addressed in the increases should not trigger any increase in costs in the future. Surely the regional allocation of 8 million is a “spring” for all the necessary formalities: project, tenders, tenders. Everything still voted fine.

Corrado Ricci

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