Ascoli Piceno, the ‘Don Giussani’ includes the development of an orientation didactics. Fioravanti: “Innovative Project” – Picenotime

The Comprehensive Institute ‘Don Giussani’ by Monticelli will be the first to embrace digital transformation and leadership training. During the morning the draft of the public opinion for the Ascoli Province which are realized with the funds of the Marche Region. The aim is to help young students make an informed choice at the end of their high school education. ” I thank Principal Pettinelli and Councilor Latini for being two determined women who bring significant value to our city. – commented the Mayor Marco Fioravanti -. As far as education is concerned, the region is very much present in our territory. In recent years, we have had significant support from both the design point of view and that of the funds paid out. In the dossier of Ascoli’s candidacy as Capital of Culture 2024 an important part has been devoted to the ability to know how to take advantage of the digital and technological transition. We must not give up the contact value of human relationships, but at the same time we must use digital platforms to bring out the best in students. Every child learns in a different way. This is an innovative pilot project that is being extended to other schools as well.

In 2022, the approved funds 150 thousand eurosbut by 2023 it will be possible to have an extension of the amount so as to favor the development of other institutions as well. ” This announcement that the Don Giussani Institute for the Province of Ascoli Piceno has won looks at the future of our children – adding theRegional Councilor Giorgia Latini -. The school is the heart of our society, the school system must be innovated. This action has been implemented with residual European funds, in the next call of 2023 the funds will be increased so that more schools can participate. The call includes two main actions: train teachers and get new technological tools. We want the Marche region to be a national model for school innovation.

” The project will last 18 months – you explain School Director Cinzia Pettinelli -. We are already starting with an internal research group, coordinated by the Golinelli Foundation of Bologna. We will carry out a review to analyze all the activities and then reformulate them in the light of the new objectives. A series of actions that are moved to the need for a personalization of activities. A learning that is capable of interrupting the different kinds of needs of children. Technology and digitization will help us reach these signals to intervene in a more animated everyday data. We can say that Covid was an accelerator of technological innovation. In the research group, people were selected who really know the school and our habits. A training phase follows. Everything is clearly poured into the classrooms to act concretely. Family formation will be a very important factor. Educating them will be essential. ”

The development and realization was made possible by the valuable collaboration with theTecform Srl Training Agency. First, we will act on the programs that need to include this type of new teaching, then it is the trainers who will be trained. In the third phase, we will try to give children the opportunity to orient themselves, not just in high school choice, but for the rest of their lives. ” Entrepreneurs are interested in educating children – you argue President Massimiliano Di Paolo -, they seek in them transversal skills as know how to work together. Some tools must be familiar to primary and secondary school students. ” Small and medium-sized businesses, the cornerstone of our territory, have the greatest need for professionals with this kind of training ”.

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