as the first classes are formed in order of the teachers

Vocational institutes can also activate vocational training and education courses (VET). First-class training and teacher training in classes.

Headcount 2022/23 Secondary Secondary

The teaching staff of the high school as 2022/23, as defined by DI n. 90/2022 contains:

  • 215,397 common places (including all places / classes in derogation);
  • 22,771 common places for upgrade;
  • 32,301 support posts, including reinforcement posts for support.

Here are all the numbers on staff as 2022/23

Vocational training and education courses

Three-year and four-year courses

The three- and four-year IeFP courses, for the attainment of one of the professional qualifications or diplomas, are provided for in the agreement in the State-Regional Conference of 27/07/2011, implemented by the DI of 11 November 2011, integrated with State Region Conference Convention of 19/01/2012, implemented with DI of 23 April 2012, as well as of the Agreement in the State Region Conference of 1 August 2019.

The above courses, in addition to the training structures accredited by the regions, can also be conducted by professional institutions under a subsidiarity regime. The link between professional institutes and the VET system is governed by the Miur Decree of 17 May 2018.

Achieving the qualification professional

Students enrolling in class before the five-year courses of vocational institutes at the end of the third year may also apply for one of the professional qualifications referred to in the above-mentioned inter-ministerial decrees.

For purposes of achieving the above-mentioned professional qualifications, the professional institutes only offer qualification paths related to the five-year address visited.

Formation of IeFP courses

Training initial classes

For the training of the first school years of the vocational institutes that activate the subsidized offer of the VET, the number of students applying for the qualifications and the VET diplomas is added for those of those in the vocational training courses are enrolled.

In principle, the number of the first school years is obtained by adding the total number of students (enrolled VET courses and vocational training courses) and on the basis of the criteria set out in Presidential Decree no. 81/2009.

In the note of MI n. 14603/2022, in fact, it should be noted that the presence of the IeFP offer may not lead to the establishment of a higher number of classes and places than those derived from the application of the criteria illustrated above.

Attribution of teachers in classes

The manager assigns the staff to the VET classes according to the ordinary procedures for the formation of the generality of the classes of the school and in accordance with the competencies of the collegiate bodies.

School staff 2022-23, 620,256 places, 2,247 for physical education, 11 thousand for support. Decree and place tables [PDF]

School staff 2022-23, the operational indications of the Ministry of Education for all classes and school orders. NOTE [PDF]

Primary Motorized: 24,693 classes for 2247 places. Complete headcount data for 2022-23

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