Arrears paid calendar single check August 2022

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Repayments Single check in August 2022: Here we will share the INPS calendar for top-ups for those who do not get citizenship income (check the latest news and then read all the news about child benefit on Telegram. Get the latest updates on your mobile every day. on bonus, work and personal finance: Join the WhatsApp group, the Telegram group and the Facebook group. Write all your questions on Instagram. Watch the free video guides about bonuses on the Youtube channel. To continue reading the article on your mobile, touch “Continue reading» According to the picture below).

The next installments of the withdrawal of the single check are scheduled August 5, 2022 and theAugust 8, 2022.

Read the calendar with the payment dates of the universal check in August 2022. In the next paragraphs, we will see how the days of the credit on the citizen’s social security file are checked.


Single check withdrawal calendar for August 2022

The interest payments from the single check will be:

  • Friday August 5, 2022 – for those who expect the stability of July 2022;
  • Monday, August 8, 2022 – for those who expect the recovery of May or June 2022

🐘 Remember: The payment dates of the single check change from person to person, so they must always be checked on the INPS website and may not correspond to those in this article.

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