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L ‘Indire Erasmus Plus National Agency positively evaluates the Erasmus plan of the IISS “Archimede” of Rosolini for accreditation in the context ofKey action 1prepared by the coordinator of European projects, Prof. Concetta CalvoCollaboration in design since prof. Except Grillo.

The recognition of the validity of the plan allowed the Rosolinese school to be presented among the 275 accredited schools from 521 applications throughout the national territory. Accreditation allows Archimede to have access to European funding every year for training and mobility activities abroad, and five-year period 2022-2027, in a logic of the continuity of a path undertaken for years. Design experiences that in the past have allowed the school to develop and strengthen a strong European vocation.

The Erasmus + plan responds to the needs of our institute as a whole and aims to improve the quality of learning and learning. Accreditation represents a novelty for the school sector, a long-term strategy aimed at fostering the training and professional growth of teachers in Ata and providing opportunities for students Mobility in Europe. In fact, students can spend a short or long time in a European school; develop social and civic, scientific, technological and digital skills, within an inclusive, democratic and equitable vision. In addition, it will be possible to launch structured training and vocational refresher courses on topics that are consistent with the objectives of the Erasmus Plan; to participate in job shadowing experiences, that is to say, to support and observe the work of other teachers in European schools, in order to improve their working methods; study abroad; invite international experts and host interns“, Report of Prof. Concetta Calvo.

Prof. Concetta Calvo

The Archimedes therefore undertakes to put into practice specific goals relating to the internationalization, strengthening of innovative teaching staff, the development of ecological sustainability and the ecological and digital transition; the promotion of tolerance, inclusion, diversity, democratic participation and European nationality, essential values ​​for future generations.

We have always considered a priority comparison with other European school and institutional realities for the internationalization of schools and the recruitment of virtuoso practices which continue with time. Our contact person for Erasmus projects, Prof. Calvo, has been working for months to plan actions that will determine the mobility of students and school staff; this will make it possible to foster the competitiveness and centrality of our institution, to respond to the demands of families, especially those who are in a disadvantaged situation. The priorities identified, consistent with the needs of staff and students, will involve the school’s human and material resources with the aim of disseminating project results and quality culture.“Explains the teacher Maria Teresa Cirmena.

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