Another student who died during an internship. Flash mob in front of the ministry: “Enough, abolish PCTOs”

Flash mob of students at the Ministry of Education after the tragic death of a boy during a school internship in Noventa di Piave.

To organize it for 11 Saturday 17 September the network of medium students. The protest, which is linked to the demonstrations of last January and last February for the death of Lorenzo Parelli and Giuseppe Lenoci, stems from anger, according to the student union, for yet another preventable death.

“We asked the government and the ministry last spring for specific things”explains Tommaso Biancuzzi of the Network of Medium Students. “We had to and need to abolish the PCTs and include union education and mandatory occupational safety in all schools. There is a problem in our country of workplace safety, we cannot expose boys and girls to these dangers. The system must be changed, we don’t go to school to die.

Bianchi: “Death unacceptable”

“I learned with pain from the Portogruaro tragedy. An unacceptable death that affected the entire school community. Together with the entire Italian school, I am close to the family” said Education Minister Patrizio Bianchi.

Anger and pain, for an absurd and unacceptable death. You cannot die from work. You cannot die at the age of 18 from work during an internship at school. After Lorenzo in January and Giuseppe in February, we are now mourning the third student who died in a few months during a so-called training course. However, all this has nothing to do with education and trainingThat’s what Nicola Fratoianni of the Green Left said.
We are faced with the consequences of a sick logic – continues the leader of SI – which puts the school at the service of the world of work, with all that it entails. And in a country where on average 3 people die at work every day, the next tragedy is just a matter of time.

It is time to end this blood trail. We abolish – concludes Fratoianni – disguise these forms of exploitation and we restore value, safety and dignity to our young people. You can’t drop out of school“.

The PSI expresses its condolences and closeness to the family of young Giuliano De Seta. Catapulting young people into highly risky jobs is the signal of a superficial vision of the relationship between the world of work and the world of public education. The alternation of school-work cannot be considered as a “passengerite” nor as a tool for companies to test their potential future employees. The world of work presents complexities that school-work alternation does not seem to take into account.
It is becoming increasingly evident that the practice of the PCTO, introduced by Law 107 of 2015, needs to be reformed quickly. This must be the first task of the next government, but in the meantime it might be appropriate to stop this practice, which in Italy has already caused the death of two other students, Lorenzo. Parrelli and Giuseppe Lenoci.“So the PSI in a note.

The death of Giuliano De Seta, 18, crushed by a 2-ton metal plate, while he was working for an internship for school work, is the result of the approximation of certain ministerial projects. We are absolutely against these internships, which alternate between school and work: because the didactic-practical intention must not be subordinated to the safety of the places where they take place. And above all because the students should not be seen as qualified workers, capable of recognizing the danger, but rather teachers. Giuliano died because the school had ambitions without preparation“. This was declared by the deputies of the brothers of Italy, Ella Bucalo and Paola Frassinetti, respectively responsible for the school and the education department.

The USR: Pain weighs like a boulder

Pain weighs like a boulder on the hearts of all of us. Giuliano was a sociable, sporty and honest boy, interested in laying the foundations of his own
future career choices from the school experience. In short, a unique boy and at the same time similar to many good students of ours
Regions that seek in the school not only the place for training and personal growth, but also for professional and work orientation“Writes USR General Director Carmela Palumbo.

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