Another 20 students from the Hotel Institut De Cecco went to Tenerife and Malta [FOTO]

Twenty students from the institute From Cecco Hotelier of Pescara are left Tenerife and Spain and Malta for the Erasmus + Internationalization Project. This was announced by school principal Alessandra Di Pietro, adding that the children will be followed for a language and professional internship in the companies in the tourism and hotel sector.

The project is called “Welcome: Work-based skills for green skills and jobs in Europe”, and the Istituto Alberghiero joined with the aim of offering our students the opportunity to do 4-week training internship in the tourism sector -Hotel in three The initiative was funded by the European Commission through the Erasmus + program and was promoted by our institute in collaboration with the social society “Lo Spazio delle Idee”, which has organizational support with Professor Francesca Cuculo The activity offers students a combination of classroom learning and training in a company: in the first week, students have access to a micro-language course specifically related to tourism and hospitality, while in the next three weeks they are in a Stage bannent
Companies are chosen because they have the Ecolabel certification in the tourism and hospitality sector.

It would be an important opportunity for children to grow up, explains the teacher, adding that they are in a very different cultural, social and work environment, experimenting with the knowledge introduced in the school forest, and technically-professionally develop. Skills that will be used in the future in any work context.

The boys involved in the initiative were identified through a selection test. The project in Dublin, Ireland was stopped last May. During these days, however, the boys set out on a mission to Tenerife
Malta. The ten students who left for Malta: Beatrice Saqinoi, Caterina D’Anastasio, Fabio Del Rossi, Federica Vedilei, Francesca Di Lembo, Giorgio Crudele, Katia Francesca Di Nicola, Lucrezia Bianchi, Monica Orsini and Samuele Ciommo. The ten students who left for Tenerife and Spain: Ana Laura Ribeiro, Arianna Severoni, Beatrice Ricci, Erika Boschetti, Eva Abril Castillo Chaparro Fabrizia Martella, Ilaria Rastelli, Marianna Pesce, Martina D’Ambrosio and Selina Chiara Loffreda. Tutor Professors Enza Liberati, Maria Grazia Di Virgilio, Olga Di Maso, with Professor Giusi Fusco as Coordinator of all Erasmus projects.

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