Anniversary of the Capaci Massacre. This is how legality is taught in Pascoli di Urbino


URBINO – Thirty years ago, on May 23rd, at 5:58 pm on an almost summer afternoon, Giovanni Brusca operate the button on a remote control. Under the asphalt of the A29, near Capaci, 500 kilos of TNT are hidden. So the Mafia kills the magistrate Giovanni Falconehis wife, the judge Francesca Morvillo and escort agents Rocco Dicillo, Antonio Montinaro In the Vito Schifani. The watch on Francesca Morvillo’s wrist stops. From 17:58 onwards, the hour of the explosion, it will no longer move.

It seems like the Mafia won, but it didn’t. The idea remained, the fight against organized crime continued, was perfected, thanks to the foundations created by Falcone. And schools today are training on legality and awareness raising courses. This morning, for example, the boys and girls of the middle school of the “Pascoli” Comprehensive Institute of Urbino saw and commented on the film The Mafia only cools in the summer of Pif, a piece of schooling towards legality that lasts months and does not end in a day. “This awareness-raising work is done every day, it is part of school education. At its core is the sense of nationality,” he told the old Duchy the Adviser on Personnel, Sport and Equal Opportunities, Marianna Vetriwho is also a teacher.

The Falcone Bam

To illuminate the beacon of legality, “for the future”, the 5A of the “Pascoli” IC in Urbino already in November planted the tree dedicated Falcone in Urbino. A few meters from the judge’s house, in Sicily, there is a ficus. Exactly from these pearls were taken, then duplicated to distribute them around Italy. The goal is to create a “large diffused forest”. The Ministry of Ecological Transition has promoted the environmental law education project in collaboration with the Carabinieri, the Falcone Foundation, the municipality and the Superintendent of Palermo. This gesture was linked to another environmental education project – thanks to which the children also take care of a vegetable garden – which also planted additional trees in Gallo di Petriano.

Mafia, Capaci Anniversary, two months in-depth study for Volponi students

Many other initiatives are being promoted to raise awareness for boys and girls so that they can become conscious and respectful citizens: from the project “Let’s adopt the city” on the primary school, in collaboration with Legambiente, on environmental education, by the way against cyberbullying, to that for respecting the gender difference. “It’s starting to get to legality from here,” he told the old man Duchy Monica MichelContact person for civil war and teacher of mathematics, science and music at IC “Pascoli”.

A gradual path towards legality

“Promoting legality and respect are key aspects of our day-to-day actions,” he said. Duchy the manager of the Ic Pascoli Carla Campogiani. In fact, this engagement of the nursery school begins and also affects primary and secondary students. “The risk of schools is to work in advertising and we want to avoid it – he told the old man Duchy Micheli – ours is a gradual path towards legality “.


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