Andrea Bernardi: from Marche to Dubai to develop software on Web3, the new Internet from Blockchain, Smart Contract and NFT

Milan, 12 April 2022. Andrea Bernardi software development for blockchain has succeeded in a business we all dream of at least once in our lives. Eliminates work addiction. To do this, the entrepreneur originally created from the march a real estate, from six companies around the world, two books and beyond 300 thousand euros in real estate investments. Here’s his story and where this new concept of online business comes from, which spent days in the office.

Andrea Bernardi and the concept of the online business

The story of Andrea Bernardy it starts out like that of a normal person. “Back then, I was a little more than a computer technician, totally disappointed with my education,” he explains on his website. Then, the turning point dictates what seems crazy to most people. Andrea decides to quit her job found his first company.

In 2005, he founded a company that owned one scalable method for hospitality structures. Success is immediate and paves the way for a new idea: “The most important thing we have in our lives is time”. In 2014, his online business was born in the telecommunications sector, still active in Eastern Europe, but the desire to discover is great.

And so Andrea Bernardi successfully moves from call center to training, from real estate investing to online trading. He is thus aware of a fundamental aspect: the work is superfluous, something more is needed. Today, Andrea has developed his method, with the security of living six months a year in Dubai, managing his investments wherever he is.

Of course, he did not forget his ancient passion for the web and IT development. Thus CLOUNIX was born 15 years ago. The company deals with Web application development, CRM solutions In the Integration for the Web 3. The latter is to discover a world after they have conceived a new online business concept. The turning point is about to come.

Andrea Bernardi: The New Perspectives of Web 3

According to Andrea Bernardy, Web 3 will bring new perspectives for the future. It is a new way of designing the web. In the first phase, the internet offered the user few interaction options. Later, the advent of blogging platforms and social media monopolized the space, thus creating the Silicon Valley giants we all know.

With the ever-increasing use of the blockchain, also applied to art through NFT and cryptocurrencies, the third phase of the web will offer new online business opportunities and greater data protection for users. Only those who prepare for the novelty will be able to act in advance and prepare the best strategies.

However, those who offer innovative crypto services do not always have the solutions they need. Little wonder. It depends on whether it is a new technology. Thanks to the experience gained in 15 years of software development with CLOUNIX, Andrea Bernardy has no doubt. Only personalized software is able to meet the needs of these companies and take advantage of smart contracts and NFT for the Web 3. CLOUNIX is the only reality they can achieve.

A concrete case of web applications 3

The new Web 3 allows users manage payments in a decentralized way, directly from the browser, without the intermediaries we are used to (credit cards, smartphone apps, etc.). Everything can be managed by you Smart Contract. The first sectors where this innovation will take hold are: Real estate, insurance, finance, entrepreneurship and intellectual property. It will only be the beginning.

Smart contracts are based on cryptocurrencies and blockchain. In fact, when the transaction object of the contract between the parties ends, the code generated by the blockchain is a proof of the transaction that took place, as if it were a digital stamp. This stamp, however, comes in the form of well-defined letters and numbers, so readable by allhowever editable by anyone.

How would buying a home change with this technology? Mam Smart Contract, there Contract would be terminated automatically when the buyer completes the purchase in digital currency (Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.). The notary, the paper registrations and all the bureaucracy that hinders the Italian real estate market would not be necessary.

Therefore, for those who invest in these sectors, they are the benefits are obvious: Speed ​​increases productivity and there is no longer a need to perform continuous checks or verifications on transactions because everything is stored in the blockchain. For Andrea Bernardi, this is just the beginning. For customers who want to follow this path, CLOUNIX offers the necessary technical solutions for the future.

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