And Scampia creates training jobs: 13 girls who dropped out of school early become entrepreneurs

Monday, May 16th the fourth year of study is proposed, one year longer than the regional laws that allow it 13 girls recovered School dropout to get the diploma. At the same time, thesocial enterprise which will see the transformation of these Students in the Business women of the Tailoring with own business a Secondigliano, Neighborhood Periphery of Naples.
They will participate in the presentation Armida FilipelliVocational training counselors of the Campania region, Chiara MarcianiCouncilor for the work of the municipality of Naples, Michele Raccuglia, responsible for Campania Calabria of Anpal Services, Don Adolfo Russo, Paola Rampini Anpal Services, Simona Orefice CISL Regional Secretariat, Roberto Sanseverino Director of the IeFP Eitd srl course, Paolo Lanzilli Sole director of EITD srl, Graziano Calci Head of the Hurtado Center, Papp Fabrizio Valletti and in the video message the Mayor of Naples Professor Gaetano Manfredi and the president of the city council Vincenza Amato.

The history of the project
In Campania, as part of the FIxO Program of PON SPAO along with ANPAL SERVICESthe races are born VET. May 8, 2017 a ScampiaCity of Naples North, al Hurtado Center of the Jesuit fathers, 15 local girls, started participating in the first year of the IeFP Clothing Operator, which is provided by the CFP EITD srl.
By 2021, these students will have obtained the professional qualification, and finally on May 16, they can begin the fourth year required to obtain the vocational diploma in the technician of clothing and home textile products and courses to complete the cycle of studies.
IeFP courses are an innovative tool for the training and job placement of those who have left school and are excluded from the labor market.
These experiments immediately had a strong social connotation, aimed at young people who are at risk of leaving school and often without families behind them.
VET was not and is not only a “space” for training, but over time it has developed into a real “place” of creativity. It is in this climate that the birth of the Napolillegal® brand finds fertile ground: a dichotomy between good and evil that embodies the ability of every individual to choose.
This is how the first line of youth sportswear created and packaged by young people, who are also witnesses and communicators on social channels, come to life.
Aware that education is never an end in itself, but the result of a process that aims to guarantee everyone the opportunity to develop their own path of human, social, economic and professional growth and fulfillment, EITD is through its spin-off – Fondazione Città Nuova – is committed to ensuring the transition and work integration of young students. The opportunity arises thanks to the publication of a call for proposals from the PON METRO CITY OF NAPLES “The Quarters of Innovation” – in which the Foundation participated and won funding. This step marks the beginning of a new and significant experience: the launch of an innovative start-up called “Social Tailoring”. Social tailoring will be understood not only as an idea of ​​entrepreneurial development, but as an innovative tool for “repairing territory by thread and by shield”, by the centrality of the person and the circularity of the economy. A way of life that motivates and enhances the attitudes and potential of young women through access to legal work in the name of redemption.

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