Ancodis: it’s time to open pay cages

ANCoDiS – It is news these days that the Minister intends to proceed with the reform of staff recruitment according to the guidelines of the PNRR. Among the innovations, in addition to the new forms of recruitment, is the opportunity to innovate salary progression with training and permanent professional updates.

It seems to us that a beginning of attention to the question of progress is no longer solely linked to the duration of service.

The idea of ​​opening up the ‘salary cage’ and increasing salaries with new criteria seems to us interesting and above all consistent with a modern school model that must take into account ALL the strengths that characterize the teaching profession.

Ancodis shares without delay that economic recognition with the consistent progress of teachers can no longer be limited exclusively to learning time in the learning environment, it can not ignore its quality and innovation, it must consider specific and transversal education, it can not Avoid the time devoted to the organizational and didactic functioning, for the development of the pedagogical offer of the school communities.

According to President Rosolino Cicero, “today is the time for communicative honesty and clarity of positions: the teaching function must be recognized legally and contractually in its specificity, but also for the complexity required by the autonomous school, it must be part of a Evaluation systems are divided and transparent on the basis of school autonomy, it must provide an internal dynamism that is capable of fulfilling the aspirations of those who decide to experience school in new times and in different ways.

“We, according to Cicero, are convinced that we can confirm that a new CCNL must be based on four unavoidable elements:

a) Duration of service with recognized professional experience;
b) specific and transversal education;
c) the taking over of tasks related to school governance for organizational and didactic functioning;
(d) professional evaluation according to criteria established by an independent and representative technical evaluation committee. “

This is the model that Ancodis loves and that lays the foundations for the cultural “revolution” that our school system really needs and that gives the Italian school a new impetus.

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