Ancodis: ‘CCNL school delay, who benefits?’

We receive and publish a press release sent to us by Ancodis.

Ancodis: The Delay of the CCNL School. Who benefits?

It now seems clear that the address of the Minister for the Renewal of the CCNL after the next election round for the renewal of the RSU will formally see the light of day, where the results may influence the path of the next CCNL.

Are we in a position to predict what kind of CCNL is expected for the Italian Autonomous School?

Listening to the interventions of the National Secretaries seems to prevail a conservative vision that does NOT carry out innovative and now unavoidable elements such as career development, a different career perspective, work in different forms and at different times.

The modern teaching function – according to Ancodis – must enjoy a review of the length of service, a true professional career, which in these 20 years has always run aground in the stormy sea of ​​trade union relations, which has been obscured by the myopia of politics. Forces, contrary to a conservative vision that sees the only possible professional outlet in the management function.

In the next CCNL one must think of a diversified career, which requires the teacher to verify and evaluate professional performance, in which professional growth not only means becoming “older”, but also recognized organizational, planning, and To have learning and training skills. a responsibility.

And the question of access modalities, permanence, recognition and competitive examinations – even those for a managerial career – must be opened up without ideological positions or category prejudices.

The current contract – obsolete by the time and complexity of today’s school – puts the brakes on those who want to commit to their school community.

Our concern is that the next CCNL will continue to sacrifice the school’s vision on the professional development of tens of thousands of teachers, in order to marginalize the vision of a modern dynamic school for all its protagonists.

For the next contractual renewal of school staff, Art. 36 of the Constitution: “The worker has the right to a wage proportional to the quantity and quality of his work” and not, as it is today, “proportional to the service!”

What to do then?

a) to improve and encourage the work of ALL school staff;

b) improve and encourage the work of those who decide to invest time in quality training;

c) improve and encourage the work of those taking on additional roles in school governance that are necessary for organizational or didactic functioning;

d) finally offer a true career in the teaching function that motivates and justifies the many teachers who decide to live in school and not just in school (and let’s say, not all of them!)

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