Ancodis: Bianchi decree, a failed cultural revolution. A step back in the expansion of the teaching profession

Ancodis- While the decree, approved by the Council of Ministers on 21 April, pays significant attention to the issue of recruitment and training in entry and service, there is nothing about the question of improving the professionals who work in school, said.

The collaborators of the school administrators and the system figures registered with Ancodis believe that a political choice has been made, which once again rejects evidence and that is that the Italian school relies on the work of thousands of women and Supports men who are engaged every day in organizational functioning. and didactic for the benefit of their own school community.

We were confident that among the novelties, in addition to the recruitment methods and the value-added training, was 360 ° attention to the teaching profession.
We note, unfortunately, that there seems to be a myopic and archaic vision that does not further deserve the quality and quantity of WORK that is carried out in the school in different ways and at different times.

We vainly believed that the Draghi government would finally and courageously lay the foundations for the “cultural revolution” that the school so desperately needs and that can only be the engine of a modern and more European school system.

In the pact for relaunching the administration publicly, the desire was to focus attention on “strengthening specific non-professional skills with special skills and knowledge, as well as being able – through training – to take on organizational and professional responsibilities”. clearly to attribute to the middle
School management.

We are, however, in favor of a decree law, in which the expansion of the various professional competencies and the support for merit remains characterized by an unsustainable indifference.
The training provided for entry and structural rendering in the service risks leading to a deformation of the system, which – although marked by a proper attention to entry methods – remains very weak due to the Lack of attention to proper professional development.

In short, when the Minister wanted to take a step forward in the recruitment issue, he took a step backwards to improve the teaching profession!
We therefore hope that the necessary and enlightened corrections will be made in the context of parliamentary debates and with the social partners.

Reform for the qualification and recruitment of teachers, salaries related to training: Decree approved by the government. DOWNLOAD TEXT [PDF]

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