An excellent technical education at the Antonio Locatelli Higher Institute

Do Lycée Choix it represents a crucial moment for both children and parents. There are many parameters to consider: from the quality of the teaching staff over the training environment to the structure itself and the tools provided by the students.

If you dream of becoming an airplane pilot, the choice will be much easier. Since 1990Antonio Locatelli High Institute Future forms Aviation industry professional, focuses on technological innovation and the great scientific-formative rigor of the curriculum. But what makes Locatelli’s teaching so avant-garde?

Innovation at Locatelli: the technological tools that facilitate learning

About Locatelli theInnovation is an integral part of the didactic. If the aim of teaching is to facilitate the learning of students and to impart knowledge effectively, theAdoption of new technologies it can not fail to favor this goal. Technological tools involve Locatelli students every day in their school life.

The institute has been adopting the so-called “Lim”, the multimedia technological whiteboards, present in each classroom to facilitate the learning of different subjects through the many additional features. Students also use the iPadas main course, for the entire cycle of studies.

An education archive based on a E-Learning Platformgives the possibility of being able to Record each lesson: a useful tool for recovering missed lessons or retrieving some concepts explained in class. Recordings can be downloaded from any device, including TV.

Learning is finally integrated on a practical level with theLab activities. The Locatelli Institute is equipped with two computer laboratories, a physics laboratory, an electronics laboratory, a meteorology laboratory and a navigation room.

Istituto Locatelli: Aviation can be taught in the lab

While the Italian school system remains entrenched in a textbook-based teaching, and in a chronic lack of funds, which often offers the technological aspect, there are also avant-garde institutions that try to adapt Changes in society.

This is the case of Locatelli, which not only offers training activities Work orientedpreparing its students directly for entry into the world of work, however, offers a crucial practical and experimental cutsin particular thanks to the activities that take place in the laboratories.

The Flight simulator it is one of the first tools that students learn to use at Locatelli. The children learn the basics of flight, navigation, and commands to use, thanks to the “missions” taught ad hoc by prof. Roberto Magnani, director of the Cantor Air Flight School, who worked with the Antonio Locatelli Higher Institute for 11 years. Year.

Another important ally for understanding the principles of flight navigation on a practical level is the Control Tower Simulator, where 16 young people can work in the pilot station, 4 in tower, radar, approach, field and coordinator positions. Students can vary 100 airports as scenarios and are guided by prof. Paolo Crespi, former ENAV controller.

But proper air navigation can not be separated from the atmospheric understanding. In the Sall again Students learn to approach meteorology from a scientific point of view: an essential aspect for understanding atmospheric changes and avoiding air disasters. By using interactive maps, students learn to read the humidity and atmospheric pressure in order to make a correct weather forecast. All with the support of the Colonel Mario GiuliacciProfessor of Meteorology at the Institute.

Learn it Physics plays a central role in the two-year period. However, mechanical memorization of formulas is prohibited: Locatelli uses the Galilean method, which leads children to think and experiment, from logical observation. Only later is the teaching consolidated on books. This will make it much easier to learn the principles of thermology, electrology and optics. Children are also encouraged to put into practice small original experiments and research that has earned the institute several awards.

In short, an institute already launched in the digital revolution, with professors at the cutting edge of time, a practical and experimental approach at the forefront and many young people with the desire to learn.


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