Amgas Blu Hera Group Award for Schools in Foggia Praise Competition

The award ceremony for the first 4 Apulian school winners of Digi and Lode, the Amgas Blu – Hera Group initiative, which aims to support school digitization projects, was held today at the Santa Chiara Comprehensive Institute in Foggia. Activation of virtual digital behavior. 2,500 euros to the four winning schools in the first quarter.

The winners. The competition, active for five years in the territories served by the Hera Group and for the 2021/2022 edition, which was also launched for the first time by Amgas Blu, the Santa Chiara and San Giuseppe Schools of Foggia and Radice and Tommasone di Lucera winners awarded for the first quarter. Each school received 2,500 euros to use the implementation of digital innovation projects that improve the didactic proposal of young students.

THE PRICE. The symbolic check of the award was given to the representatives of the schools by the sales coordinator of Amgas Blu, Alfonso De Pellegrino and by the National Projects Coordinator USR Puglia, Office V, Territorial Area of ​​Foggia, Filomena Carducci. There is time until May 31st to win four more schools

WEI MEE MAT. The competition foresees the awarding of different schools every quarter and is still active until 31 May 2022. For the second quarter, the games are still open: Activate only the digital services provided by Amgas Blu free of charge. The resulting points are divided between the primary and secondary schools, public and equal, by the municipality of residence of the person who activated the service. It is possible to indicate a preferred school, in which case the points are fivefold. According to the regulation, published on the website, no more than two schools from the same municipality can be awarded in the current school year.

THE GOALS. Digi and Lode support education, innovation, territorial development and environmental protection. In this way, it contributes to the achievement of five objectives of the UN 2030 Agenda: Quality Education, Sustainable Cities and Communities, Industrial Innovation and Infrastructure, Partnership for Objectives, Responsible Consumption and Production. THE GROUP. Prizes will also be delivered to the other companies of the Hera Group for a total of 95 thousand euros for the first 38 winning schools in the first quarter of 2021/2022. The complete ranking is available at

In the first four months of 2021/2022, approximately 178 thousand digital services were activated by the Hera Group of customers. In particular, there were over 46,000 requests for electronic transmission of invoices and over 71,000 subscriptions to online services.

In total, since the start of the project, with Digi and Lode, the Hera Group has already donated 375,000 Euros to the winning schools in the areas. Prices were intended for school digitization projects, mainly for the purchase of touch monitors, interactive multimedia tablets, video projectors, notebooks and tablets, electronic microscopes, three-dimensional design training courses, PCs, webcams, 3D printers and lasers, USB sticks. and SIM for data connection.

“With the extension of the project to Foggia and its province,” said Alfonso De Pellegrino, Amgas Blu’s Sales Coordinator, Hera Group is paying more and more attention to improving the territories served, to the needs expressed by the communities. and above all for the development of new generations. ”

EPISCOPE. “In welcome of the worthy initiative” Digi e Lode “sponsored by Amgas Blu – Hera Group – commented Maria Aida Tatiana Episcopo, Director of the Territorial School Office – the USR thank you, on this significant date on which the World Day is celebrated for the Earth, the participating schools for their sensitivity and the families of the students for their commitment to adopt virtual digital behavior, which has made it possible in the schools the provision of digital tools that are consistent with the PNSD encouraged by the Ministry of Instructions to implement.

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