‘Alternative must train young people, not make him a substitute for workers’ Students in a lesson on rights and duties

LET US ORIENT US IN THE JUNGLE is the initiative set by Cgil, Nidil and Sol of the Camera del Lavoro with the boys and girls of the upper fifth. Until now, the Technical Institute Antinori Camerino-Matelica and Varnelli di Cingoli were interested

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Meet at the Antinori Institute in Camerino

Vun Mauro Giustozzi

Legality, safety, health, contracts with rights and obligations, such as presenting a summary or attending a job interview. We talk about all of this in school with fifth graders through the project on work, legality and safety for students from some high schools in the province of Cgil, Nidil (New Job Identities) and Sol (Labor Market Orientation). ) from the Chamber of Labor of Macerata through the outpatient initiative ‘Orientiamoci nella jungle’ which started in October 2021. The purpose of the training is to provide information on labor market rules, on national collective agreements, on what workers’ rights are, in particular in matters of health and safety. So far, these meetings have involved the Antinori Camerino-Matelica Technical Institute with three fifth-graders, about forty students involved, thanks to teachers Stefano Baioni and Oriella Cacciamani, and are also developing at the Varnelli Hotel in Cingoli where they involve eight classes. last year for about 150 students. To assess the situation of this innovative project this morning, representatives of the trade unions involved in the initiative and a representative of the teachers and students of the ITCG Antinori, where the project has already been implemented.


Tiziana Montecchiari

“It is an innovative and important initiative,” said CGIL Macerata, secretary of state. Daniel Taddei – at a certain moment, when the question of the change of school and work and how to regulate it is at the center of the national debate also in the light of the sad events of recent weeks due to accidents and deaths at work of young students. Through ‘Orientiamoci nella jungle’ we try to provide children with craft tools, information to orientate themselves and enter the world of work that one is confronted with immediately after the end of the school cycle. Substitution school work must train the young and not, as is often the case, replace the worker with tasks that the student cannot perform. School must be training and education can not be subordinate or replacement work for the employee. This initiative is intended to increase the campaign about the legality that was started in the construction sites after the earthquake, by increasing the awareness that passes through the school managers, teachers and students.

These meetings are chaired by Serena Girotti of Nidil, who outlines the goals to be achieved. “It’s a matter of two days for every fifth grade – he says – that takes place with lectures and more active learning methods. We confront the post-school complexity, the personal sphere of the boy after graduation, attitudes and potential. Then the context that they have to confront in the workplace, the internships, the other things that hide, the many kinds of existing contracts, like for example doing a resume or a job interview, reading a salary. Let’s also say we want young people a Provide toolboxes to prevent what is waiting for them, and encourage them to always look for quality work ”. Particular attention will be paid in these meetings to the rights of young people entering the world of work, which they often do not even know. “Especially the guys who have seasonal contracts – he emphasizes Tiziana Montecchiari from Filcams – when they contact us, we notice that they do not know what their rights are. “From these days in the classroom, there is a great need for knowledge from the students, and that is a void that we want to fill in this way.”


Daniel Taddei

For his part Massimo De Luca that he ‘deals with safety, legality and health issues in’ Orientiamoci nella jungla ‘, recalls how’ these aspects are fundamental to a job that is guaranteed and quality, I feel injuries, exploitation, compromises and illegal work. In these gatherings, we listen to the students, we also show them experiences that are lived through videos, such as the one that is associated with the illegal attitude in our province, which astonishes the children and leaves them in total peace. Regular work also means legality and safety ». Ivan Di Pierro Head of the Cgil school of the Flc reiterated as “the subject of accidents in the school Ptco there have been some, though not fatal consequences as unfortunately happened in the last two cases. The formation of those students and the Welcoming company is important and must be able to teach and train the young person “.

In the end, the protagonists of this project intervened, namely teachers and students of Antinori di Camerino, who first welcomed and hosted the initiative of the Macerata-based Union. “The initiative was very welcome both from our teachers and from the children – says Stefano Baioni, the contact person for the technical management of Antinori di Camerino – it was very interesting to offer the students a different perspective on the world of work The boys also met with a personnel manager of an Emilian company, who provided insight into the productive world. keep in mind: the concept for a boy to gradually enter the world of work is always positive. what is positive in this experience may be that it protects children more, but reduces the gap between education and the world of work. Positive also the comment of two students of the fifth of the Itcg Antinori. “It was a very formative experience, made by Orientiamoci nella Jungle – says Leonardo Terzi – essential for our children, which brings us closer to the world of work, which we see far from the school forests. In addition to the CGIL, other experiences have been , which have also proved to be very interesting and formative for our path and should also be extended to the three-year period ». Satisfaction also from Giada Zagaglia. “We were also involved in an interview with a classmate – says the student – and this was very formative for us to understand what approach we need to take to the world of work. We know what to count if we make this leap from the Making school work and what we put in our curriculum: As far as school-work diversion is concerned, it must not be abolished, because it is an opportunity for us to learn, perhaps to look back through some aspects. Security. “

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