Alone foreign minors, agreement between the Juvenile Court of Catania and Save the Children

Ukraine: 1 in 16 unaccompanied minors fleeing the war is in Etna territory. The agreement signed today for the support and protection of vulnerable children and adolescents, from minors fleeing conflict to individual migrants to those who are marginalized, also provides an experimental intervention for educational poverty and prevent and combat early school exchanges in the San district. Giovanni Galermo

ROME – There are 110 unaccompanied Ukrainian minors who have arrived in the Etna region, 1 in 16 of all children and adolescents fleeing the war arrived in Italy alone (1,764 as of April 13, according to Interior Ministry data). Spreading the gaze, Sicily confirms itself as the first region for the reception of individual migrants minors, housing 2,712 children and adolescents, 22.7%, just under a quarter of the total attendance in our country (there were 11,937 in the Italian reception system on 31 March). To protect and support minors fleeing the conflict, but also all unaccompanied migrant minors and those at risk of social exclusion, victims of violence and risk of marginalization, the Juvenile Court of Catania and Save the Children today signed a memorandum of understanding, the first of its kind in Italywith a view to improving the overall reception and protection system and support the integrated care of boys, girls and adolescents reported by the judicial authority by defining personalized education plans.

In particular, actions in support of foreign minors will be carried out in collaboration with UNICEF, the UN Children’s Fund, in the framework of a broader agreement between the two organizations for the protection of unaccompanied foreign minors.
The agreement, signed by the President of the Catania Juvenile Court, Roberto Di Bellaand by the Director of Save the Children’s Italy-Europe Program, Raffaela Milanwill last two years and develop through implementation socio-legal guidance and assistance to people and difficulties, with particular attention to unaccompanied foreign minors and those at risk of exploitation, abuse and social exclusion.
The Information support and socio-legal guidance will also be addressed to volunteer tutorsme, community workers and other adult numbers of reference. The court is supported upon request, and cultural mediation through the helpline service multilingual, free of charge, from Save the Children and an online service is guaranteed by a special e-mail, through which requests for help and assistance can be collected.

“The cooperation with Save the Children, which represents an absolute precedent in the protection of unaccompanied foreign minors, in particular those coming from the war zones of Ukraine, strengthens the action of the Juvenile court to protect minors in difficulty and will make it possible for to provide ever more effective forms of protection that meet the needs of those in difficulty and, in addition, the synergies provided for in the Protocol are in accordance with the operational guidelines established by the Juvenile Court of Catania and the Prefecture of Catania , as part of the agreement between public administrations establishing the Prefectural Observatory on the Condition of Minors in the Metropolis. the Children and the neighborhoods at risk in the city will be intensified.E we this important element was added. The synergy between the public sector and the qualified private social sector is the winning strategy, “he said. the President of the Juvenile Court, Roberto Di Bella.

The agreement also provides for the construction of one experimental intervention to prevent and combat educational poverty and early schooling – which in the metropolitan city of Catania reaches 21% – in the San Giovanni Galermo district, in collaboration with the Territorial Associative Network. “It is one of the innovative points of the agreement. In fact, Save the Children is committed to facilitating and supporting the integrated care of boys, girls and young people in collaboration with the social services and other educational agencies, in particular schools. for the definition of personalized pedagogical plans, accompaniment in ways that promote pedagogical and social opportunities, favors actions of conscious orientation and reorientation for the purpose of furthering the training plans and to provide the provision of pedagogical skills. In a complex situation, it is essential to join forces and strengthen cooperation between institutions and civic organizations in order to uphold the rights of children and young people, “he said. Raffaela Milan.

The program also includes training and support actions for families, citizens and citizens, identified by the competent authorities, committed to support children, girls and adolescents living in particular situations of difficulty and marginalization, in school and out-of-school pedagogical actions, counts. on their social inclusion and cultural growth.
To carry out the activities provided for in the Memorandum of Understanding, all with a view to promoting active cooperation in individual cases, through the network of interventions in the territory and in Italy – including individual interventions of affective and psychological assistance to minors in the system involved in justice, support for mothers who are victims of domestic violence or socio-educational support for minors at risk of social marginalization or in any case specified by the judicial authority for the activation of educational means, including individualized – Save the Children activates its own projects and structures locally, such as the Punto Luce of San Giovanni Galermo in Catania and the CivicoZero day center for unaccompanied foreign minors.
Since its opening in 2014, the Light Point of San Giovanni Galermoa space with a high pedagogical density for combating poverty and social marginalization with workshops on music, dance, languages, theater, IT, school support and reading invitation. 1,016 beneficiaries including children and adolescents who visit homework every day, sports activities and laboratories, including coding and IT are the most popular, and 240 adultsthe. While with reference to CivicoZeroa protected space for minors and neighbors, guaranteeing admission, social inclusion, education and integration, all since 2018. 1200 Beneficiaryof which 134 alone in the first quarter of 2022.

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