Alleged harassment at high school in Castrolibero, 40 deputies sign interpellation over executive return

Catanzaro – Forty deputies have signed an interpellation with the Minister of Education Patrizio Bianchi, requesting that “any appropriate study be initiated for the purpose of maximum transparency” regarding the return to the “Valentini Majorana” higher education institution in Castrolibero (Cosenza) Executive Iolanda Maletta. The school, last February, was at the center of attention for the alleged sexual harassment perpetrated by a teacher against some students. The non-adoption of disciplinary measures by the principal had sparked a protest from the students who had occupied the school for 15 days. The crew had triggered an inspection ordered by Minister Bianchi. The students’ protest was stopped only after the appointment of a regent executive. The first signatories of the interpellation are the deputies of the Democratic Party Enza Bruno Bossio and Cecilia D’Elia (the latter is national manager of the Women’s Party). The interpellation was also signed by former Speaker of the Chamber Laura Boldrini.

“The return to the service of the director of the institute, whose return in the school community, and also abroad, has raised many concerns and more perplexity. Also because it took place in full swing of the high school. Examination. The aim of the urgent investigation is to ask the results of the inspection at the time organized by the Institute, we asked in particular what the results of the inspection ordered by the ministry were and for what reasons. carried out were not disclosed in a transparent manner.We also asked whether the obvious reasons were necessary to enable the manager to return to the services only when the students were taking their final exams, because keeping evidence was also a We also want to know if the ministry intends to proceed with further inspections, in the light of leaked discretions and further disclosures. on the development of the events that have taken place, and what decisions should be taken to prevent the presence of the teacher from interfering with the peaceful conduct of the school activities, and in particular to prevent similar events in the same institute and in other areas of the country. And this to reaffirm the principle that harassment and sexist culture must not exist in an institution such as the school, which is responsible for the education of the younger generations.

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