All episodes of “The Inspector General” according to Abbate are online

NewTuscia – VITERBO – The five parts of “The Inspector General” by Gianni Abbate are online, freely adapted by Gogol. It is a gruesome satire, a work of sharp condemnation of public corruption. Discount

Gogol continues his work in an unidentified city in northern Italy, in the early 2000s, inhabited by corrupt characters, speculators and traders. The story unfolds as a comedy of misunderstanding, in which the viewer, in this case the listener, can pursue the two levels of action, one without the knowledge of the other, with inevitable fun until the last twist.and enlightenment for all. We come to the plot.

The news of the arrival of an elusive inspector, or an official of the state administration, in a small town in northern Italy, relieves the fear of the mayor and public notables, won with poor governance and robbers even in hospital, to escape contempt of penalties, contempt for schooling and violation of correspondence. In an attempt to provide a moral and honest picture of their own behavior, they put in place a mechanism of protection and support, also economically, vis-à-vis a young person staying in the star hotel of the city, who they believe is the feared inspector, who also gives the mayor the hand of his daughter. Penniless, partly out of disorientation and partly out of opportunism, accepts the alleged loans given to him by the officials with the intention of gaining his well-being and at the same time blackmailing him.

Meanwhile, the wrong clerk not only collects a lot of money, but conquers the mayor’s daughter and also goes into the favor of the greedy and sensual woman, always by the mayor. The young man’s timely release reigns over the corrupt ruling class, which, he says, can no longer seize, just disappears in time, thus deceiving the scammers who are destined to almanac future career advancements. Final Twist, the arrival of the true Inspector General, who gives the band of dishonest ones the final blow. Participating in the radio play: Gianni Abbate, Cinzia Corallini, Ennio Cuccuini, Lucilla Lucchese, Margherita Macor and Salvo Mcgraffio, by Gianni Abbate. The five parts can be listened to and downloaded at this link:

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