Against dispersion, we need to renew teachers and invest in teachers

The National Association of Principals has no doubt about how the problems associated with early school leaving should and can be overcome.
According to the association, that of Antonello Giannelli “A just school is built by renewing teachers” and this is exactly the title of a programmatic document that was approved by the National Council a few days ago.

According to the PA, the emergency period requires that everyone seriously reflect on the issue of early school leaving, both in its explicit and implicit form.
“Our school – it reads in the document – too often he finds himself exposed to the harmful effects of this phenomenon on the way of life of the individual and on his / her community, often exacerbated by unfair access conditions. A missing student is an uninitiated citizen who also incurs untenable costs for a mature country. The period of the pandemic only increased the dimensions of a trend which, unfortunately, has for decades further undermined the importance of our education and training system, which is no longer suitable for the educational and training needs of the new generations. ‘support, especially of its older components.fragile. The school risks, despite itself, becoming a place where conditions are cultivated and strengthened in order to consolidate unfair social balance.


But how can we ensure that as many students as possible have an adequate education?
The NPC answers: “It is essential that teachers no longer replace the city of negative grade and rejection, typical of a former and selective school, in line with today’s social needs, with that of motivation to learn. It is therefore urgent. embarking on a profound renewal of teaching staff, which is still crystallized today in transmission practice and in the form of summative evaluation.

But, of course, the goodwill of teachers and educational institutions is not enough to achieve these goals.
“This perspective – it still reads in the document – it presupposes that the political decision-maker proves that he has the courage to carry out real reforms and decides to have a clear impact on the sclerotic dynamics, starting with the methods of selection and training of school staff “.

There is no shortage of concrete suggestions: “In order to train teachers, they need not only new ideas, but also specific resources that it does not make sense to identify by removing them from the school that one wants to improve through teacher training. The school must act as “Sectors are seen in which more and more resources are invested and not as spending cuts: a policy-maker who contradicts this principle would suffer from a myopia that is objectively incompatible with the role of the promoter of the land system”.

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